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PvP makes use of specialized actions separate from those used in PvE. Knowing how they differ will be key to drawing out the full potential of your favorite jobs and overcoming your rivals.

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Patch 6.4 Adjustments Overview

We have made adjustments based primarily on current usage rates and win rates. Certain adjustments were also made with consideration of jobs whose win rates increased more than expected after changes made in Patch 6.38.

After the adjustments made in Patch 6.38, win rates for paladin were observed to be somewhat low. Because of this, we decided to increase the potency of Holy Sheltron's additional effect. This should increase paladin's capacity for dealing damage, thereby leading to greater team contributions.
The adjustments to Phantom Rush in Patch 6.38 greatly improved monk's burst damage, allowing them to aim for KOs more frequently, even when Meteodrive is not fully charged. We've found their win rate has increased significantly, especially in ranked matches. We'd like to tone down their burst damage, and so we have reduced the potency of Pressure Point and increased the effect duration of Wind Resonance. While their burst damage is reduced, these adjustments should allow monk to more effectively link together combos.
While adjustments to their limit break, Sky Shatter, have resulted in increased usage rates for dragoon, having observed their win rates, we believe there is still a little room for improvement, and so we've made changes to their other actions. The adjustments made this patch should allow them to contribute more consistently to their team's damage output without making their already formidable damage potential too high.
Ninja has long been considered a powerful job, and with the various adjustments made thus far, their win rate has settled around the average of other high tier jobs. That said, their limit break, Seiton Tenchu, and its ability to score consecutive KOs is still quite powerful. This is especially the case in custom matches, where they can more easily work in tandem with teammates. For this reason, we have reduced the rate at which their limit break charges. Moreover, we have reduced the effect duration of Bunshin to bring it in line with the self-buff actions of other jobs.
To make better use of the Kuzushi effect, even when their limit break is not yet ready, we have increased its effect duration.
While they excel at using status effects, taking full advantage of their durability and mobility, reaper's overall damage and KO count is often lower than that of other jobs. For this reason, we have made adjustments to help them deal more direct damage. To start, we have removed Gibbet and Gallows, and replaced them with Guillotine to strengthen reaper's area of effect damage. We have also reduced the recast timer of Soul Slice to ensure reaper's single target damage does not drop too harshly. The reduced recast time will also allow reaper to more easily accumulate stacks of Immortal Sacrifice for the execution of Plentiful Harvest.
Silent Nocturne is an incredibly effective tool to deal burst damage to enemies in conjunction with attacks from teammates. Because of the difficulty in countering this ability, however, we believe it required significant adjustments. We've reduced its range to both force tougher decisions in choosing targets, and increase risk in its execution. This should also give opponents a better chance at potentially dealing with the attack. To compensate for this, the potency of Apex Arrow and Repelling Shot has been increased, improving bard's area of effect and close-range damage potential.
The effect of Analysis on Chainsaw felt too random, and so we wanted to make adjustments that give machinist more agency in the use of the effect as suits the situation. We also increased the potency of Bioblaster while Analysis is active, offering another viable option for the use of this effect.
Red Mage
When executing an Enchanted Riposte combo on targets under the effect of Monomachy, the additional damage from Black Shift is improved considerably. However, because there was no real benefit to the barrier granted by White Shift, we made adjustments to increase its potency when striking said targets.
After the adjustments made to scholar and astrologian in Patch 6.38, we found the win rates for sage to be falling behind. The increased duration of Toxicon will allow sage to better contribute to a team's offense.

Patch 6.48 Adjustments Overview

In light of adjustments made in Patch 6.4, win rates in higher tier ranked matches have become relatively even. However, as we feel that certain jobs are still used less than others, we have decided to make further adjustments to improve their playability.

Common Actions
The adjustment to Guard was made to prevent players from disabling it by mistake when repeatedly pressing the action button. As no other adjustments have been made to the functionality of this action, execution of other actions after using Guard will remove its effect as per usual.
While the adjustment to Holy Sheltron in Patch 6.4 improved paladin's offensive capability, we've made further adjustments to improve their somewhat low win rate. In this update, we improved the potency of actions available after executing Phalanx, making usage of limit break more impactful.
To ensure gunbreaker can fully utilize their abilities even if certain roles are not present on the enemy team, Draw and Junction can now be executed by targeting oneself or a party member. It must be noted, however, that the additional effect Powder Barrel will only be granted when targeting an enemy.
Black Mage
Black mage has long held a below-average win rate in higher tier matches, and because they can be easily countered in custom matches, they often go unused. To help remedy this without making the job too powerful, executing Soul Resonance will once again grant players the effect of Apocatastasis. We believe the added defense of this effect will help players capitalize on the use of their limit break.
White Mage
Because of their consistent performance supported by a powerful limit break with a relatively quick charge time, white mage remains widely used in both ranked and custom matches. To better temper their performance while ensuring they remain easy to use, we have made adjustments to the healing potency of the Temperance effect, and recast time of Miracle of Nature.
Astrologian excels in its use of powerful instant healing effects, making them an effective option to counter jobs with high burst damage, particularly in custom matches. However, because their win rates in ranked matches are relatively lacking compared to other healing jobs, we have decided to bolster the additional effects of Aspected Benefic.
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