Patch 6.5 Growing Light

Coming 3 October 2023

New Story

Unto abyssal depths, shine hope anew Unto abyssal depths, shine hope anew Unto abyssal depths, shine hope anew Unto abyssal depths, shine hope anew

Main Scenario Quests

Growing Light - Part 1PATCH 6.5

The Warrior of Light's victory over Golbez proved hollow, for it did nothing to stop the awakening of Zeromus. Its strength was beyond reckoning, clad in Darkness nigh-impenetrable. Indeed, naught save resplendent Light could pierce such a tenebrous veil, and so the Warrior of Light seeks aid from their allies in the First.

PATCH 6.55

Main Scenario Quests

Growing Light - Part 2PATCH 6.55

With Zeromus defeated and the threat of a voidsent incursion now passed, the Warrior of Light returns to the Source, their adventure at last come to an end. But rarely is there rest for the righteous, for an unexpected visitor has come knocking at the Baldesion Annex, eager for an audience with Eorzea's greatest hero.

New Challenges


Alliance Raid Dungeon

Myths of the Realm, Part 3: ThaleiaPATCH 6.5

It was out of their undying love for mankind that the Twelve constructed the monument at the heart of the Omphalos, that they might never lose sight of their purpose. To answer that love, you must sally forth into their sanctum one last time to grant them their heart's desire...


New Dungeon

The Lunar SubterranePATCH 6.5

Long has Golbez guarded the location of his domain, a solemn sanctuary wherein he conspired to break the barrier between worlds. It is there, within the recesses of the Thirteenth's moon, Zeromus bides its time, gathering the strength that will see Golbez's plan to fruition. But what else could he be guarding in this subterranean labyrinth? What secrets might be laid bare by those willing to brave its abyssal depths?



The Abyssal FracturePATCH 6.5

The dread voidsent Zeromus, driven by Azdaja's longing to return home, is now poised to break the barrier between worlds. And so the Warrior of Light stands fast against the Darkness, a flickering beacon of hope. But should they fail, the Thirteenth's deliverance will prove the Source's destruction.

PATCH 6.55


The Gilded ArayaPATCH 6.55

Called to Thavnair by mortal avarice and delighting in the clash of steel on steel, this manifestation of the battle-thirsty Asura will put your mettle to the test!

PATCH 6.51

Battle Content

Variant Dungeon - Aloalo IslandPATCH 6.51

In a forgotten corner of the south seas lies Aloalo Island, its lush flora and myriad fauna grown ever more bounteous in the years since it was last inhabited by man. This picturesque beauty, however, hides a doom all its own...

PATCH 6.51

Battle Content

Criterion Dungeon - Another Aloalo Island/Another Aloalo Island (Savage) PATCH 6.51

The criterion dungeon Another Aloalo Island provides an even greater challenge for a party of four. Gather your strongest allies to restore harmony to the isle's shores!


New Unreal Trial

The Singularity Reactor (Unreal)PATCH 6.5

In the hopes of sating the faux commander's appetite for harrowing tales of valor, you dig deep within your memory to recall your battle against the primal King Thordan and the sworn brothers of the Heavens' Ward. Their visage in your mind's eye is frightfully clear, and so you steel yourself to once more endure their righteous fury.

PATCH 6.55


Tataru's Grand EndeavorPATCH 6.55

As Tataru Taru's Boutique enjoys unprecedented profits thanks to your realm-wide deliveries, Mehdjina steps forward with her own idea for the company's next endeavor...

PATCH 6.55


Somehow Further Hildibrand AdventuresPATCH 6.55

Despite the stunning revelation that Godbrand, the founding lord of House Manderville, was of alien origin, it is business as usual for Inspector Hildibrand and his band of inquisitive misfits. They barrel ahead in their efforts to crack the case of PuPu's missing companion, bringing them into conflict with the most meddlesome nemesis they have encountered to date...

PATCH 6.55

Weapon Enhancement Quests

Manderville WeaponsPATCH 6.55

The successful application of extraterrestrial smithing techniques has brought the Manderville weaponry to new heights of excellence. Poised on the precipice of perfection, could the entire endeavor yet be undone by the threat of mundane managerial woes?

PATCH 6.51

Tool Enhancement Quests

Splendorous ToolsPATCH 6.51

As the Boutique's splendorous tools pave a brilliant road for Norvrandt's trades to tread, Grenoldt and Chora-Zoi are keen to continue their pursuit of perfection. Yet the past weighs heavy on Grenoldt's mind, and he means to present Mowen with one final proposal before their project is complete.

PATCH 6.55

Endwalker Tribal Alliance QuestsPATCH 6.55

The Last Dregs has helped patrons' happiness grow beyond what the laws of physics were once thought to allow, but could they be even happier? This is what Jammingway aims to find out, calling upon their comrade-in-apron's network of allies to host the greatest event that the end of the universe has ever seen!


Custom Deliveries - MargratPATCH 6.5

From the industrious enclave of Sharlayan Hamlet lifts a cry of anguish─working hours are too long, deadlines are too short, and, perhaps worst of all, the chairs are murder to sit on. Margrat may be only one of Labyrinthos's many denizens, but her distress echoes a greater discontentment within Sharlayan's foremost research community. Is there any hope for Margrat and her peers? Or will the voices of those who labor for love remain unheard?

PATCH 6.51

The Manderville Gold Saucer

Fall Guys CollaborationPATCH 6.51

The Fall Guys collaboration brings party royale-style excitement to the Gold Saucer. Harness your inner Bean to triumph over obstacles and rise above the rest!


Island Sanctuary UpdatePATCH 6.5

The time has come to bring your sanctuary by the sea to its idyllic culmination! With a new area to explore, more items to collect, animals to capture, and the felicitous furball's mysterious favors to complete, there's plenty to keep an islekeep busy!

PATCH 6.51


New Crystalline Conflict ArenaPATCH 6.51

Stand ready to spill foes' blood atop the Red Sands, but ware the threats that lurk below the scorching surface! Will you find glory in the heat of battle, or death beneath the desert sun?

PATCH 6.58


The FINAL FANTASY XIV and FINAL FANTASY XVI crossover event is coming! Beginning on Tuesday, 2 April and running until Wednesday, 8 May (GMT), this crossover quest series tells the unexpected tale of two stars colliding. Head over to the special site to check event details and item rewards!

New Systems


Additional Duty SupportPATCH 6.5

The Duty Support system has been expanded to include three additional dungeons from Stormblood. With NPC companions now available in main scenario dungeons all the way through Endwalker, this is the perfect time to begin your adventure in Eorzea!

* The duties newly added to the Duty Support system are as follows: the Drowned City of Skalla, the Burn, and the Ghimlyt Dark.

PATCH 6.57

Xbox Series X|S Open BetaPATCH 6.57

FINAL FANTASY XIV is coming to Xbox in Spring 2024, and to prepare for its debut, we'll be holding an open beta test during the Patch 6.5x cycle. Enjoy faster loading times on both consoles, and crystal-clear 4K resolution on the Xbox Series X!
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Free Trial and Starter Edition ExpansionPATCH 6.5

Did you know the critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV's starter edition and free trial now include the entirety of A Realm Reborn, the award-winning Heavensward, and its second major expansion Stormblood? A grand adventure awaits, now up to level 70!

New Items

New PvP Gear

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New Minions

New Emotes

New Fashion Accessories