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The Dark Throne

Coming 23 May 2023

New Story

In Shadow Looms the Usurper's Seat In Shadow Looms the Usurper's Seat In Shadow Looms the Usurper's Seat

Main Scenario Quests

The Dark Throne


With a gambit that would cost them their very lives, the archfiends Cagnazzo and Rubicante succeeded in destroying the voidgate hidden within the depths of Alzadaal's Legacy, thus barring the path to the Thirteenth. Yet where there is a will, there is a way─and so the Warrior of Light and allies continue the search for a new means to reach the void.

New Challenges


Raid Dungeon

Pandæmonium: AnabaseiosPATCH 6.4

The serene expanse of the aetherial sea is marred by the sudden appearance of Pandæmonium, which has crossed eons to threaten the source of life itself. Its walls loom unmanned, but you know well what horrors once lay beyond them, and in the silence can hear a stirring...


New Dungeon

The AetherfontPATCH 6.4

North of the Sharlayan mainland lies the verdant Isle of Haam, a land long protected by the Forum as an academic asset due to its abundant wells of aether. Yet with plenty often comes peril, and what awaits will not so readily relinquish its claim to the island's lifeblood...



The Voidcast DaisPATCH 6.4

After five long millennia, Azdaja's liberation is at hand. Yet Golbez, her iron-clad captor, will not be so easily cast from his seat of power...

PATCH 6.45

Battle Content

Variant Dungeon - Mount RokkonPATCH 6.45

On Hingashi's westernmost isle of Shishu lies the long-venerated Mount Rokkon. Once refuge for humble monks and weary pilgrims, the holy site has fallen to a host of malevolent spirits of the most curious shapes and sizes...

PATCH 6.45

Battle Content

Criterion Dungeon - Another Mount Rokkon/Another Mount Rokkon (Savage)PATCH 6.45

The criterion dungeon Another Mount Rokkon presents two difficulty levels with unique rules and challenges to overcome. Assemble your most spiritually stalwart comrades to expel the evil from its sacred slopes!

PATCH 6.45

Blue Mage UpdatePATCH 6.45

Patch 6.45 will see the level cap of blue mage raised to 80, as well as introduce all-new job quests, gear, and blue magic spells. Enthusiasts of the azure arts will also find their blue mage logs updated with 5.x patch content!


New Unreal Trial

Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal)PATCH 6.4

The faux commander bids you regale him with another tale, and from the ashes of memory does Zurvan, the Demon, rise again. Steeling yourself for a fiery battle, you cast your mind to the cacophonous clash of good and evil, the war eternal...



Tataru's Grand EndeavorPATCH 6.4

Ever eager to expand her list of clientele, Tataru's gaze is fixed upon a promising new opportunity that has arisen in Terncliff─and she can think of none better than you, the coastal town's liberator, to secure it.

PATCH 6.45


Somehow Further Hildibrand AdventuresPATCH 6.45

In the wake of further alien-related mishaps, Hildibrand and his crew are joined by the inspector's flat-featured clone, Brandihild. Thus reinforced, the group is even better equipped to find trouble as they continue digging into the whereabouts of PuPu's elusive friend.

PATCH 6.45

Weapon Enhancement Quests

Manderville WeaponsPATCH 6.45

Tireless in his quest, Lord Godbert has unlocked yet another secret of his ancestor's astonishing smithing techniques. He stands ready to advance your weaponry to the next stage...assuming Gerolt is still willing to cooperate.

PATCH 6.45

Tool Enhancement Quests

Splendorous ToolsPATCH 6.45

Through the winning combination of Grenoldt's expertise, Chora-Zoi's passion, and the Warrior of Darkness's unyielding patience in the face of countless collectibles, the Boutique's adaptive tools have garnered acclaim in every corner of Norvrandt. An artisan's work is never done, however, and Mowen has a mind to reach even greater heights in the name of the realm's prosperity.


Island Sanctuary UpdatePATCH 6.4

Expand your exploration to an entirely new area, and decorate your hideaway with furnishing glamours. Island living has never looked so luxurious!


Ocean Fishing UpdatePATCH 6.4

The glittering waters of the Far East have long been considered an untapped treasure trove by the fishers of Eorzea, but now the Endeavor offers safe and profitable passage to all! Gaze upon the beauty of the Ruby Sea and wonder at the breadth of the One River as you cast your bait in search of a catch.

New Systems


Additional Duty SupportPATCH 6.4

The Duty Support system has been expanded to include five dungeons from Stormblood. In crimson sunsets do heroes rise, and the Warrior of Light must join with Lyse, Hien, Gosetsu, and their Scion allies to bring peace to Ala Mhigo and Doma once more!

* The duties newly added to the Duty Support system are as follows: The Sirensong Sea, Bardam's Mettle, Doma Castle, Castrum Abania, and Ala Mhigo. Further updates will be progressively implemented in future patches.

New Items

Allagan Tomestones of Comedy

New Crafting Recipes

New Mounts

New Minions

New Emotes