Good King Moggle Mog XII

Legend holds that, in a time long forgotten, mooglekind abided in the heavens as loyal servants of the gods.

However, a war of deific proportions would erupt, triggered by a feud over a single goblet of wine. Growing weary of the conflict, the reigning moogle monarch, Good King Moggle Mog XII, resolved to lead his people to the realm of mortals in secret, that they might again know a life of peace.

Alas, the distance to the land below proved too great for little moogle wings. After much deliberation, it was decided that the journey must be made by rope, the longest that has ever been woven. So it was that the king grasped onto one end of this lifeline as his subjects, one after the next, half clambered, half slid their way to the Promised Land. In this manner all the moogles were able to arrive at their destination, whole of body and joyous of spirit. That is, all of them save for Good King Moggle Mog XII, who had not the means to lower himself.

Mourning their lost king and touched by his sacrifice, the moogles have since abstained from naming a successor to the crown. Even now, they hold fast to the belief that their beloved monarch will one day return before them in all his might and majesty.

The Ultima Weapon

The Wandering Minstrel is wont to regale those who would listen with the heroic deeds of adventurers. News of your death-defying feats have reached him, and he would have you recount your fateful encounter with the Ultima Weapon.

However, one must always be wary of the Wandering Minstrel and his gift for exaggeration. Upon hearing his ballad, you come to find your clash with the Ultima Weapon has been transformed into something far more epic than you remember.

Extreme Primal Battles

Feeding on crystals and drinking the life force of Hydaelyn herself, the primals continue to plague the people of Eorzea.
Time and again adventurers have vanquished the primals. And yet with each defeat, the beast tribes only grow more fervent in their prayers, that their deities may grow stronger.
The primals will soon answer the pleas of their children, bringing with them a force unlike any other. All shall soon come to know the beastmen's wrath, for their cries breathe new life into the primals.

Ifrit (Extreme)

Garuda (Extreme)

Titan (Extreme)