Kiitos! Helsinki Fan Gathering Report

Hello everyone! (Or should I write "moi kaikki!"...?)

We had a very special weekend and hosted the first official Fan Gathering in Helsinki on Saturday! We had a little over 100 guests joining us, with some attendees even from the UK and Sweden!

The venue was Thirsty Scholar in the heart of Helsinki (please note that the name of the venue was a pure coincidence).

All photos are from Joonas Pikkarainen.


We had drinks, snacks and fun games like in every other Fan Gathering we've held so far.


And this time, we decided to introduce a new game: The Party Finder. A big thank you to Tuatime for designing this game for us!


The point in Party Finder is to go and find people who match the descriptions "Fell asleep midraid", "Triple Triad master" et cetera until you get one line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The ultimate challenge is however to fill the whole Party Finder card.


As you can see, we also brought awesome loot from our London office. Some were rewards for the Party Finder game, and others were offered via a raffle!

We had a lot of fun, met plenty of super cool people and made new friends! Some of the attendees were also extremely talented; we saw an expertly-crafter Yotsuyu cosplay as well as some amazing character portraits!


Thank you/kiitos everyone who joined us!

See you in Hydaelyn!


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