London Fun Gathering

Hello everyone!

Lakukisu reporting in, filled with post-Fan Gathering bliss!

On Saturday 10th February we hosted an evening of FFXIV shenanigans and snacks, for our like-minded friends in London.

As it has become somewhat of a necessity, we of course gave out some branded (and really yummy!) cupcakes.


We played the "Who Am I" game and it turned out to be really popular and fun as always! The gist of the game is that you write a NPC/monster/primal/place/anything-FFXIV-related on a sticker, and stick it on your friend's forehead. Then your friend has to guess who or what they are by asking questions that can only be answered with either a "yes" or a "no".

There were some amazing moments, such as one couple naming each other as Gosetsu and everyone who saw the stickers on their foreheads couldn't keep their poker faces on. One fellow (who probably asked for a difficult challenge) ended up being named Market Board and another one Ishgard.



We also had raffles this time around, and we even raffled off a Stormblood branded PlayStation 4 Pro!


See you in Hydaelyn,

P.S. Now to the most important question, are you on team Paissa or team Fat Chocobo?


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