Beary Merry Starlight

Hi, there!

The end of the year is nearly upon us (only two more weeks!) which means it's nearly time for the Starlight Celebration! Today we'll be offering adventurers a peek at the upcoming seasonal event!

Each of the housing areas are being decorated for the occasion! Use these locales with your friends and Free Company mates to take some great holiday-themed screenshots!

But what would the Starlight Celebration be without gifts!? (That is the true meaning of the holiday...right?)

Once you've completed the quest series, you'll be rewarded with the special Starlight Bear mount!

Be sure to sport your Starlight gear to match your cuddly new friend!

You may be thinking this new bear is similar to the warrior Warbear achievement mount, but in actuality, the Starlight Bear has a few unique features!

For example, here we see our beary cute new friend taking to the skies!

Furthermore, this mount has the ability to "give presents" (Violently? No! Cutely!)!

HIYAAAH! And after the Starlight Bear throws it...

A festive effect graces the spot the present was thrown!

You thought we were gonna bring the gift giving to a.... paws?
No way, we got a few more things to show off!

Aside from the orchestrion roll fit for the holidays, let's take a look at the décor!

We have four new furnishings: Two types of holiday-themed meals, a Starlight Celebration advertisement, and Starlight saplings to grace the table!

We hope you'll celebrate the season with a great meal accompanied by some music from the Orchestrion for one amazing party!

Check out more details regarding the Starlight Celebration!

Have a beary merry Starlight Celebration everyone!

- Sicycre
Community Team

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