Copenhagen Fan Gathering Unlocked!

Hej alle! Hello everyone!

Last Saturday, we held a Fan Gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark - the happiest place in the world!

We played a "Who Am I" guessing game FFXIV style, held a raffle, and enjoyed snacks and drinks. We even raffled out some Fat Christmas Chocobos, because Yuletide is less than a month away!


We played a fun game called "Who Am I?"! The basic idea is that you write an FFXIV related name (it can be an NPC, monster, primal... Raubahn's Missing Arm et cetera) on a card or a sticker and give it to your friend without them seeing what's written on it. Everyone gets named after something or someone.

Now, it's time to guess who you are. You can only ask questions that can be replied to with either a "yes" or a "no". Everyone takes turns guessing who they are and the winner is the one who guesses right first! But honestly, with the amount of fun we had, I can truthfully say we were all winners.


We even had some artistic attendees among us!


(Arnold, are you watching us?)

Thank you to everyone who attended the first ever Copenhagen FFXIV Fan Gathering! We met so many wonderful people and had such a blast spending the evening with you that we can't wait to come back again!


In the meanwhile, see you in Hydaelyn!

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