The Estates of the Realm Fan Festival Digital Activity Begins 27 April!

We’re pleased to present Estates of the Realm, another digital activity for the community to participate in as part of the Digital Fan Festival 2021. In this event, we’d like you to show off all the hard work that you put into decorating your rooms and estates!

Want to join the fun? It’s easy:

1. Snap some screenshots of your apartment/private chambers/estate
2. Craft a Tweet that includes your character name, Home World name, and its location
3. Include #FFXIVFanFest and #EstatesOfTheRealm hashtags
4. Attach your beauty shots and Tweet it out for everyone to enjoy

And that’s it!

Do you have a café or boutique-themed room or estate? How about a photo studio setup for people to come by and take glamour shots? We want to see all kinds of creations, so show off the hard work you put into designing your home away from home with players around the world. If you enjoy visiting other players’ homes, then this is the perfect chance to expand your horizons and see the amazing work being done (and get some inspiration too)!

* We may also share some of the amazing Tweets we come across by retweeting on the official FFXIV Twitter account, or by showcasing them in future Community streams, so be sure to participate. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Event Information

Event Period

From Tuesday, 27 April 2021 at 7:00 (GMT) / 8:00 (BST) to Monday, 31 May 2021 at 3:00 (GMT) / 4:00 (BST)

How to Participate

Post a Tweet from your Twitter account with the following information along with screenshots of your apartment/private chambers/estate.

  • Your full in-game character name  * Required
  • Your in-game Home World name  * Required
  • Your estate information: Ward/Plot number  * Required
  • Include the following hashtags: * Required


  • A brief comment 

* For apartments, please provide the ward number, whether it’s located in the main division or subdivision, and apartment room number.
* For private chambers, please provide the ward/plot number, and room number.

  • Template

    Character Name: * Required
    Home World: * Required
    Location: * Required
    Brief Comment:
    #FFXIVFanFest #EstatesOfTheRealm * Required

    Don’t forget to attach your screenshot(s).

  • Sample

    Character Name: Sqex Zhexos
    Home World: Cactuar
    Location: Shirogane, Ward XX main division, Apartment Room 099

    Come visit my amazing room!

    #FFXIVFanFest #EstatesOfTheRealm

Additional Information

Screenshots shared using the event hashtags may be selected to be showcased on our social media channels, websites, or live broadcasts.

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