Upcoming Test of Cross-region Data Center Travel

Since its introduction, the Data Center Travel system has allowed players to visit Worlds within the same physical data center. For example, players in the European data center are able to visit Worlds in Chaos and Light. As previously announced, our system is capable of facilitating cross-region travel, but we are still evaluating this functionality in light of the often substantial differences in market economy and social norms between data centers. We will continue to take community feedback into account as we consider whether this functionality should be enabled.

On the other hand, many Worlds may experience login queues following the upcoming release of Dawntrail, especially during peak times. With this situation in mind, we are considering a temporary option in which a limited form of cross-region travel would allow players to play on a less-populated physical data center.

Thus, to identify potential technical issues ahead of Dawntrail's release, we will be conducting a public test of cross-region Data Center Travel functionality starting Monday, 25 March (GMT/AEDT). Players connecting from geographically distant locations may experience some lag, but we hope you will take this opportunity to explore playing on a different physical data center.

Test Period

Monday, 25 March at 3:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (AEDT) until the beginning of Patch 7.0 maintenance
* Test period is subject to change.

Cross-region Travel Available During the Test:

  • Japanese data center → Oceanian data center
  • North American data center → Oceanian data center
  • European data center → Oceanian data center

A character visiting from a World outside your physical data center will be labeled as a “Voyager.” This label will be appear in the character’s display name, as well as the Player Search feature, etc.
* Updated 27 March 2024 at 5:00 GMT (16:00 AEDT)

* Characters with a Home World in the Oceanian data center will be unable to travel to a different physical data center.
* Please note that although characters will be able to return to their Home World from the Oceanian data center even after the test has concluded, their ability to return may be temporarily impeded by periods of server congestion, including any that may arise during the release of Dawntrail.
* Please note that your Lodestone character data will not account for friend list, blacklist, and cross-world linkshell registrations made while visiting another physical data center. Additionally, you cannot join Community Finder recruitments for cross-world linkshells on other physical data centers.

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