Participate in the Upcoming Cloud Data Center Stress Test!

In the interest of expanding FINAL FANTASY XIV's server infrastructure options, we are currently looking into the possibility of establishing a cloud data center.

To better gauge the potential of cloud data centers, we will be performing a stress test beginning on Tuesday, 21 November. Though we have already performed these tests in our development environment, we would like to hold a test with our players to identify any potential issues that may arise in a public server environment.

To participate in the stress test, players must create a new character on the cloud data center. These characters will receive 50 million gil, a copy of Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers, and Tales of Adventure III (level 80) for each job to instantly access as many in-game features as possible. There will be no limits on content, and players are free to explore the realm as they choose.
* Please note that all character data on the cloud servers will be deleted when the test has concluded.

We ask our players for their assistance by participating in this stress test, and will strive to improve our service, as well as our usage of the cloud data center, based on the feedback provided.

Cloud Data Center Stress Test

Test Period

From Tuesday, 21 November at 3:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (AEDT) to Tuesday, 28 November at 3:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (AEDT)
* There will be no maintenance prior to the opening of the cloud data center.

Cloud Server Location

North America (East Coast)

How to Participate

From the title screen, access the Data Center Selection screen and select NA Cloud DC (Beta), then select either the CloudTest01 or CloudTest02 Worlds to create a character and play the game.

Test Details

  • All character data on the cloud servers will be deleted when the test has concluded.
  • Characters on the cloud data center cannot use the Data Center Travel system.
  • The server backup function will be unavailable.
  • All characters created on the test servers (excluding those belonging to free trial accounts) will receive the following:
  • Tales of Adventure: Shadowbringers
    This item will allow you to begin from the Endwalker main scenario quest “The Next Ship to Sail.”
  • Copies of Tales of Adventure III for each job
    These items will instantly level a job to 80, automatically provide a full set of equipment, and complete all applicable job quests.
  • A full set of level 80 accessories for each role
  • 99 Magicked Prisms (Meteor Survivor)
  • 99 Bombard Blooms
  • 50 million gil
  • To ensure that players connect to their preferred data center, players logging out from the cloud data center must reselect a data center upon their next login.
  • Web services, such as the Lodestone, Companion App, optional services, and optional items, will be unavailable.
  • The "Support Desk" menu option and "Report RMT activity" chat log menu option will be unavailable.
  • We are unable to provide any support for characters created for this test.

* Updated on 14 November 2023 at 3:00 (GMT) / 14:00 (AEDT)

A Word to Our Testers

While we encourage as many players as possible to participate in this stress test, please note that this may result in login queues on the applicable cloud servers. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding.

Test Feedback

Should you have any feedback regarding the stress test, we ask that you post it in the designated thread on the official forums. While we will be keeping an eye out for any issues reported during the test, reports regarding smooth server performance and play experiences would be helpful for our reference as well.

As the cloud data center is located on the east coast of North America, players connecting from different regions may experience latency. This latency occurs due to a player's distance from the data center, which also occurs on existing data centers. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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