Announcing the Gear Design Contest (Melee/Physical Ranged DPS)!

Attention, Artisans of Hydaelyn!

It’s time to put your creativity to the test once more for the third community gear design contest. Whether you’re more of a leatherworker, weaver, armorcrafter or goldsmith, we’d like to see what you can come up with for melee and ranged physical DPS gear designs! Will you aim to please, or capture the striking spirit of frontline fighters?

As with our previous gear design contests, the winning entries will be implemented in-game as new available attire for player characters, so head to the drawing board and show us what you’ve got!



A. Official Rules: The Official Rules for this Promotion consist of both (i) these key rules summarizing the important rules for participating in the Promotion (the “Key Rules”) and (ii) the Additional Promotion Official Rules (“Additional Rules”) applicable to your place of legal residence. Please review the Additional Rules at the following URL:

B. Territories: This Promotion is open only to individuals who are legal residents and physically and permanently located in one of the following countries/territories at the date and time of entry (the “Promotion Jurisdiction”):

  • The fifty (50) states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.
  • Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • The PAL Territory Countries: Åland Islands, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Botswana, Bouvet Island, British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei Darussalam (Nr. Sri Lanka), Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Comoros, Congo, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The, Cook Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories (South Indian Ocean), Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Holy See (Vatican City State), Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle Of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives (Sri Lanka), Malta, Mauritania (West Africa), Mauritius, Mayotte, Monaco, Mongolia, Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia (Australasia), New Zealand, Norfolk Island, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Réunion (S. Africa), Romania, Russian Federation, Saint Helena, Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, United Republic Of, Timor-Leste, Tokelau, Tonga, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Yemen, Zambia

C. Age Limit:
This Promotion is open only to individuals 18 years of age or older at the date and time of entry.

D. Entry Period:
You may enter the Promotion only between April 19, 2018 at 3:00 a.m. (PT)/11:00 (BST) and May 21, 2018 at 7:59 a.m. (PT)/15:59 (BST) (the “Entry Period”).

E. Entry Procedure and Limitations :
In order to enter the Promotion, you must complete the following steps during the Entry Period:

Step 1 :
Create digital images (“Images”) of gear for either (i) a melee damage per second class (“DPS”) or (ii) physical ranged DPS class FINAL FANTASY XIV character (including head, body, hands, legs, and feet) that comply with the following requirements:

  • You must create the Images using digital graphics software or by capturing a photo of artwork you have created by hand.
  • The design must show both the front and back of the gear.
  • The gear must be for all of the following: head, body, hands, legs, and feet.
  • You must include any additional information and/or explanations within the entry image itself (for example, pointing out any aspects of the gear that may be hidden when equipping the full set).
  • Design may feature any in-game race/gender combinations. However, the entry must be a gear design that can be used by any race/gender.
  • You may feature a weapon to go along with your armor/clothing design, but only armor will be implemented into the game.
  • The development team will assign in-game parameters and stats.

Step 2 :
Submit the Images to Sponsor by email to the address below, and comply with the following requirements:

  • Email Subject:
  • Subject for melee DPS entries:
    Gear Design Contest Melee DPS
  • Subject for physical ranged DPS:
    Gear Design Contest Physical Ranged DPS
  • Email Body:
  • Provide your character name and World name (required)
  • Provide your nickname (required)
  • Provide entry title
  • Provide a comment about your entry (50 words or less)
  • Attach the Images as follows:
  • 1-2 images: front design (required) and back design (required)
  • Image format: jpg or png
  • File size for each image must be larger than 500 KB, but total email size with all attachments must not exceed 3 MB.

Additional Rules:

  • Sponsor reserves the right to judge whether or not material is appropriate for public display.
  • Sponsor reserves the right to remove or take down any content in its sole discretion.
  • You must not include personal information such as your name or address in the body of your submission entry.
  • You must possess an active Final Fantasy XIV account to be eligible to enter the Promotion.
  • You must have access to a working internet connection in order to enter the Promotion.
  • Entries that have been posted on blogs or social networking pages before the successful entries from the first judging round are announced on Lodestone will not be accepted. 
  • Sponsor shall not accept and may delete submissions that: (a) deviate from the established theme; (b) violate or infringe any laws, regulations, or rights, including any intellectual property, publicity, or privacy rights; (c) are missing required information; (d) are obscene, vulgar, discriminate, or contain any other offensive subject matter; (e) are counter to public order and/or morals; (f) Sponsor judges, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for any reason; (g) contain false or misleading information; (h) make unauthorized or fraudulent use of a third party’s name, email address, character name, or likeness; (i) are potentially defamatory; (j) that are of low resolution or otherwise difficult to see, hear, or evaluate; (k) violate any other rule or condition in these terms or on this webpage; and (l) are otherwise damaging or detrimental to Sponsor or any third party. Sponsor reserves the right to reject and/or delete any submissions for any other reason.

F. Winner Selection: The Sponsor (listed below), or Sponsor’s designee, shall select twenty two (22) Winners from among all entries using the following methodology:

  • The FINAL FANTASY XIV development and operation teams will select the initial list of finalists based on creativity, distinctiveness, originality, and overall execution according to the criteria listed above. The team will post these entries on a Lodestone topic in or around July 2018.
  • For each of the two (2) categories, the team will select one (1) grand prize winner and ten (10) runner-up prize winners based on the same criteria and will post the winners on a Lodestone topic in or around September 2018.

G. Prize(s):
The one (1) entrant who submitted the best entry (i.e., the grand prize winner) in each of the two (2) categories will receive each of the following items:

  • Sponsor shall implement winner’s gear design into FINAL FANTASY XIV (approximate retail value of $0.00/£0.00/€0.00); and
  • One (1) in-game item package that includes one (1) Gaelicap, one (1) Noble Barding chocobo barding, one (1) Ahriman Choker, one (1) Mandragora Choker, and one (1) Bluebird Earring (in-game virtual items with no monetary value).

The ten (10) entrants who submitted the ten (10) next-best entries (i.e., the runners-up) in each of the two (2) categories will each receive the following items:

  • One (1) in-game item package that includes one (1) Gaelicap, one (1) Noble Barding chocobo barding, one (1) Ahriman Choker, one (1) Mandragora Choker, and one (1) Bluebird Earring (in-game virtual items with no monetary value).

Please note:

  • The development team may alter the grand-prize-winning designs before implementation.
  • Prizes will be delivered in or around September 2018. 
  • In the event that an entry other than the grand prize winning entry is deemed to be excellent, Sponsor may choose to also implement it in to FINAL FANTASY XIV in the future.

H. Winner Notification: Sponsor, or Sponsor’s designee, will announce the winning entries via Lodestone topics in late September. Winners will receive notification via an in-game message.

I. Sponsor: The sponsor of this Promotion is Square Enix Limited.

By entering the Promotion, you agree to be bound and abide by these Key Rules and the Additional Rules applicable to your place of legal residence, and you represent that you satisfy all eligibility requirements to enter the Promotion.



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