Frontline Standings (Weekly)

The following standings are calculated from wins in Frontline.

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Tallying Period: 15/02/2021 to 21/02/2021


Kieran Avagnar

Shiva (Light)

Immortal Flames 19

Lita Locklear

Shiva (Light)

Immortal Flames 4

Neeryi Worldeater

Shiva (Light)

Immortal Flames 3

* Standings for Frontline campaigns will display the top 100 combatants.
* Weekly standings are counted from Sunday at 15:00 until the following Sunday at 14:59:59 (GMT).
* Monthly standings are counted from the last day of the previous month at 15:00 until the last day of the current month at 14:59:59 (GMT).
* Standings will be displayed for the top 100 combatants, requiring a minimum of 10 matches fought for weekly standings, and 30 matches fought for monthly standings.

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