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Veteran Rewards

Veteran Rewards are special in-game item bonuses awarded based on how long you have had an active subscription. These rewards will be distributed via the moogle delivery service once you have reached a certain number of days subscribed.

Veteran Rewards are granted based on the number of days subscribed rather than time played. For example, a player who subscribes for 90 days is eligible to receive the 60 day Veteran Reward on their first day.

Items that were available as Veteran Rewards prior to Patch 4.1 can now be obtained in-game in exchange for Achievement Certificates.
* Phials of Fantasia and aetheryte tickets are not available for exchange.

Veteran Reward Requirements

Veteran Reward Requirements

Accumulated Subscription Days

"Accumulated subscription days" refers to the total number of days subscribed to your service account, rather than actual play time.

This total will not be reset.

Purchase of a subscription that exceeds the requirements for a Veteran Reward will grant you that item (or set of items) automatically.

Ex: Purchasing a 90 day subscription will grant the following:
Rank 1 (60 days): Advent Attire (Strife Vest, Strife Gloves, Strife Bags, Strife Boots)

Periods of Inactivity

In the event there is a break in your subscription, the period between the expiration and renewal of your subscription will not be included in the total.

Receiving Veteran Rewards

Veteran rewards will be distributed to all current and future characters via the moogle delivery service.
* Veteran Rewards will also be distributed to newly created characters.

Precaution Regarding Rewards

Please note that Veteran Rewards will only be distributed once per character. Square Enix will not restore any bonus items lost or sold in-game.

Rank 1 Rewards
60 Days
Advent Attire
Set Contents: Strife Vest, Strife Gloves, Strife Bags, Strife Boots
Rank 2 Rewards
150 Days
Tantalus Attire
Set Contents: Tantalus Vest, Tantalus Cuffs, Tantalus Breeches, Tantalus Boots
Rank 3 Rewards
240 Days
Wild Rose Attire
Set Contents: Wild Rose Bandana, Wild Rose Cuirass, Wild Rose Armguards, Wild Rose Breeches, Wild Rose Boots
* This head gear will not be displayed when equipped by Hrothgar or Viera characters.
Rank 4 Rewards
330 Days
Leonhart Attire
Set Contents: Leonhart Jacket, Leonhart Gloves, Leonhart Bottoms, Leonhart Boots

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