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Disciple of Magic Job Quests

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Title Area Level
Red Mage Quests Tracking the Cabal Western Thanalan 54
Red Mage Quests A Vermilion Vendetta Western La Noscea 56
Red Mage Quests On Lambard's Trail Western La Noscea 58
Red Mage Quests Stained in Scarlet Northern Thanalan 60
Red Mage Quests The Color of Her Hair Mor Dhona 60
Red Mage Quests Traced in Blood Idyllshire 63
Red Mage Quests Nightkin Idyllshire 65
Red Mage Quests Child of Lilith Idyllshire 68
Red Mage Quests With Heart and Steel Ishgard 70
Red Mage Quests Succession of Steel Mor Dhona 80
Sage Quests Sage's Path Limsa Lominsa 70
Sage Quests Sage's Focus Middle La Noscea 70
Sage Quests Sands of Despair Idyllshire 73
Sage Quests A Poisoned Gift Idyllshire 75
Sage Quests Pledge of Hope Idyllshire 78
Sage Quests Life Ephemeral, Path Eternal Idyllshire 80
Blue Mage Quests Out of the Blue Limsa Lominsa 50
Blue Mage Quests Blue Leading the Blue Lower La Noscea 1
Blue Mage Quests Blue Collar Work Ul'dah 10
Blue Mage Quests Why They Call It the Blues Ul'dah 20
Blue Mage Quests Scream Blue Murder Ul'dah 30
Blue Mage Quests Blue Gold Ul'dah 40
Blue Mage Quests The Real Folk Blues Ul'dah 50
Blue Mage Quests Turning Over a Blue Leaf Ul'dah 50
Blue Mage Quests Into the Blue Again Ul'dah 50
Blue Mage Quests Something Borrowed, Something Blue Ul'dah 53
Blue Mage Quests Bolt from the Blue Ul'dah 55
Blue Mage Quests Blue in the Face Ul'dah 58
Blue Mage Quests Blue Scream of Death Ul'dah 60
Blue Mage Quests Blue Cheese Ul'dah 60
Blue Mage Quests Second-rate Entertainment Ul'dah 60
Blue Mage Quests Everybody Was Fukumen Fighting Ul'dah 63
Blue Mage Quests Azuro and Goliath Kugane 65
Blue Mage Quests Where the Gold Goes Kugane 68
Blue Mage Quests Master of Mimicry Kugane 70
Blue Mage Quests A Future in Blue Ul'dah 70
Blue Mage Quests And the Crowd Goes Mild Ul'dah 70
Blue Mage Quests The Beard, the Myth, the Legend Ul'dah 73
Blue Mage Quests Gridania's Most Wanted Ul'dah 75
Blue Mage Quests No Butts About It Ul'dah 78
Blue Mage Quests A New Gold Standard Ul'dah 80
Blue Mage Quests The Brave and the Blue Ul'dah 80

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