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Title Area Level
The Reforging of Blanstyr Limsa Lominsa 58
The Pride of Vymelli Limsa Lominsa 60
Original Blanstyr Limsa Lominsa 60
Eastern Apprentice Limsa Lominsa 63
Forging with Scales Kugane 65
Head-to-head Contest Kugane 68
A Confluence of Style Kugane 70
Way of the Goldsmith Ul'dah 1
My First Chaser Hammer Ul'dah 1
Gorgets Rising Ul'dah 5
Throw Some Rings on It Ul'dah 10
Objectively Speaking Ul'dah 15
A Melding of the Minds Ul'dah 20
Or Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed Ul'dah 25
Serendipity Now Ul'dah 30
Mammets on Fire Ul'dah 35
The Horns of the Green Ul'dah 40
The Fox in the Hen House Ul'dah 45
Jaded Ul'dah 50
Form to the Formless Ul'dah 50
Elegance and Artistry Ul'dah 53
Double Trouble Ul'dah 55
A Masterclass Ul'dah 58
Two Hearts Beat as One Ul'dah 60
A Royal Request Ul'dah 60
Gemworks in Progress Ul'dah 63
Blindsided Rhalgr's Reach 65
The Perfect Tribute Rhalgr's Reach 68
Sultana Dreaming Rhalgr's Reach 70
Way of the Leatherworker Gridania 1
My First Head Knife Gridania 1
A Test of Technique Gridania 5
Geva's Gambit Gridania 10
Working Hells for Leather Gridania 15
Aldgoat Everything Gridania 20
Skin in the Game Gridania 25
Toadskins of the Father Gridania 30
Lead by Example Gridania 35
Brand Loyalty Gridania 40
Dissension in the Ranks Gridania 45
Accept No Imitations Gridania 50
Turndown Service Gridania 50
By Your Bootstraps Ishgard 53
Perfect Pitch Ishgard 55
From the Hoplon to the Brume Ishgard 58
A Winter's Sale Ishgard 60
A Taxing Request Gridania 60
Mounting Expectations Gridania 63
The Value of Life Gridania 65
The Trouble with Taxidermy Gridania 68
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