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Recipe trees can now be viewed for craftable items.

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Title Area Level
Seeking Solace Gridania 42
Voyce of Concern East Shroud 42
Pilfered Podlings East Shroud 45
Idle Hands East Shroud 48
Feathers and Folly East Shroud 48
Deck the Hut East Shroud 42
Malodorous Mischief East Shroud 42
Gourd Grief East Shroud 42
Feed Me East Shroud 42
Giddy for Goobbues East Shroud 42
Now You See Me East Shroud 42
Imperial Intruders East Shroud 42
The Magitek Menace East Shroud 42
Not Who They Seem East Shroud 42
Raising a Stink East Shroud 42
With One Stone East Shroud 45
I Dream of Slimy East Shroud 45
Mushroom Madness East Shroud 45
Milkroot in Moderation East Shroud 45
Something to Sneeze At East Shroud 45
Shocking Developments East Shroud 45
Waterbringer East Shroud 45
In the Sylphlands, Treasure Hunts You East Shroud 45
Perilous Pumpkins East Shroud 45
Fungal Foulness East Shroud 45
Ripe for the Picking East Shroud 48
A Sticky Situation East Shroud 48
Sympathy for the Sentinel East Shroud 48
No Root for You East Shroud 48
Mist Opportunities East Shroud 48
Clearing the Air East Shroud 48
Podling Peril East Shroud 48
Boar Wars East Shroud 48
Moxia's Magnum Opus East Shroud 48
Bane of the Barbs East Shroud 48
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