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Title Area Level
 Stock and Barrel Lakeland 70
 Classical Condition Lakeland 70
 Desperate Measures Lakeland 70
 Imperative Repairs Lakeland 70
 The Astute Amaro Lakeland 70
 An Unreasonable Request Lakeland 70
 You've Got the Tatch Lakeland 70
 All That Heavenly Glory Lakeland 70
 Beers for Fears Lakeland 70
 Loot Justice Mode Lakeland 70
 Inglourious Bath Stewards Lakeland 70
 Lofty Goals Lakeland 70
 You Had One Jobb Lakeland 70
 Of Graveyards and Gremlins Lakeland 70
 On Her Own Lakeland 70
 Carrying On Lakeland 70
 In Father's Footsteps Lakeland 70
 Her True Calling Lakeland 70
 His Secret Shame Lakeland 70
 A Much-needed Respite Lakeland 70
 Resolve Regained Lakeland 70
 Flowering Friendships Lakeland 70
 The Sullen Man Lakeland 70
 Rite of Passage Lakeland 70
 Bigger Fish to Dry Lakeland 70
 Treasure-hunting Tykes Lakeland 70
 With Furious Anger Lakeland 70
 Scrumptious Squirmers Lakeland 70
 Simple Treasures Lakeland 70
 A Cry for Help The Crystarium 70
 Rate and Review The Crystarium 70
 Pour One Out The Crystarium 70
 A Dirty Trick The Crystarium 70
 From a Distance The Crystarium 70
 A Fitting Challenge The Crystarium 70
 Do You Believe in Magic The Crystarium 70
 A Jobb Well Done The Crystarium 70
 Scars of War The Crystarium 70
 Simple Gifts The Crystarium 70
 His Own Medicine The Crystarium 70
 Welcome to the Future The Crystarium 70
 Made, Not Born The Crystarium 70
 The Poet Doesn't Know It The Crystarium 70
Nuts to You The Crystarium 70
Two Nuts Too Nutty The Crystarium 73
How Do You Like Three Nuts The Crystarium 76
Too Many Nutters The Crystarium 80
By the Time You Hear This The Crystarium 80
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