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Title Area Level
Coming to Ishgard Intercessory 50
Taking in the Sights Fortemps Manor 50
The Better Half Ishgard 50
Over the Wall Fortemps Manor 50
Work in Progress Coerthas Western Highlands 50
The First and Foremost Coerthas Western Highlands 50
From on High Coerthas Western Highlands 50
Reconnaissance Lost Coerthas Western Highlands 50
At the End of Our Hope Coerthas Western Highlands 50
Knights Be Not Proud Coerthas Western Highlands 50
Onwards and Upwards Fortemps Manor 50
An Indispensable Ally The Sea of Clouds 50
Meeting the Neighbors The Sea of Clouds 50
Sense of Urgency The Sea of Clouds 50
Hope Springs Eternal The Sea of Clouds 50
A Series of Unfortunate Events The Sea of Clouds 50
A Reward Long in Coming The Sea of Clouds 50
Divine Intervention Fortemps Manor 50
Disclosure Ishgard 50
Flame General Affairs Fortemps Manor 51
In Search of Raubahn Mor Dhona 51
Keeping the Flame Alive Eastern Thanalan 51
To Siege or Not to Siege The Waking Sands 51
Alphinaud's Way Fortemps Manor 51
In Search of Iceheart Ishgard 51
From One Heretic to Another Coerthas Western Highlands 51
Sounding Out the Amphitheatre Coerthas Western Highlands 51
Camp of the Convictors Coerthas Western Highlands 51
Purple Flame, Purple Flame Coerthas Western Highlands 51
Where the Chocobos Roam Coerthas Western Highlands 52
Worse than Dragons The Dravanian Forelands 52
The Trine Towers The Dravanian Forelands 52
Gifts for the Outcasts The Dravanian Forelands 52
The Nonmind The Dravanian Forelands 52
A Gnathic Deity The Dravanian Forelands 53
Breaking into Hives The Dravanian Forelands 53
Lord of the Hive The Dravanian Forelands 53
Mourn in Passing The Dravanian Forelands 53
Beyond the Clouds The Churning Mists 53
Mountaintop Diplomacy The Churning Mists 54
Moghan's Trial The Churning Mists 54
Mogmug's Trial The Churning Mists 54
Mogwin's Trial The Churning Mists 54
Moglin's Judgment The Churning Mists 54
Leaving Moghome The Churning Mists 54
The Road to Zenith The Churning Mists 54
Waiting for the Wind to Change The Churning Mists 54
Heart of Ice The Churning Mists 54
The Wyrm's Lair The Churning Mists 54
New Winds, Old Friends The Churning Mists 54
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