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Title Reward Points
Quests Serving a Greater Cause I - 5
Quests Serving a Greater Cause II - 5
Quests Serving a Greater Cause III - 5
Quests Serving a Greater Cause IV - 5
Quests Serving a Greater Cause V - 5
Quests Serving a Greater Cause VI Title 10
Quests Enraptured Servitude - 20
Quests Father Knows Hest I - 5
Quests Father Knows Hest II - 5
Quests Father Knows Hest III - 10
Quests Leaving Limsa Lominsa - 5
Quests Gone from Gridania - 5
Quests Out of Ul'dah - 5
Quests Back from the Wood - 5
Quests Skeletons - 5
Quests Those Who Wait - 5
Quests History Repeating - 5
Quests Free Wing Night - 10
Quests Warrior of Light - 20
Quests A Realm Awoken - 20
Quests Through the Maelstrom - 20
Quests Eorzea Defended Title 20
Quests Dreams of Ice Title 20
Quests My Left Arm Title 20
Quests Lucky Number 7 Title 20
Quests Gaol Break Title 20
Quests Orthodox Mayhem Title 20
Quests You Say You Want a Revolution Title 20
Quests The Faith that Drives Us Title 20
Quests Hope Enkindled Title 20
Quests Looking Up Title 20
Quests So It Goes Title 10
Quests First Gear Title 10
Quests Floor the Horde Title 10
Quests On the Road Again - 10
Quests No Retreat, No Surrender Title 10
Quests School's Out Forever Title 10
Quests Five Minutes of Fate Title 10
Quests Incidentally Speaking Title 20
Quests Destination Unknown Title 20
Quests Unexplained Title 20
Quests Put Your Wings Up Title 20
Quests Crimson Footprints Title 20
Quests Catch Me if You Can Title 20
Quests Cheek to Cheek Title 20
Quests The Measure of His Reach Title 20
Quests More Heroes Title 20
Quests Solar Cycle Title 20
Quests Lunar Cycle Title 20
Quests A History of Violet Title 20
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