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Island Sanctuary

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Island Sanctuary allows you to create your own personal paradise amidst the natural beauty of the Cieldalaes. Here you can collect resources and materials, build accommodations, grow crops, and more. The goods produced on your island can also be exchanged for various rewards. Whether you cultivate the land, or enjoy the slow life as your minions roam free─the choice is entirely up to you.

Island Sanctuary Overview

Your Vision

Realizing your vision will help you make your sanctuary the best it can be. Visions will appear as objectives in your duty list. As you realize visions, additional goals and development features will become available.

Islekeep's Index

The islekeep's index is an island-specific HUD element that allows you to confirm important information, switch gameplay modes, and manage your island's various features.


Your selected mode influences how you interact with features and creatures on your island.

Main Menu

The main menu consists of buttons by which you can confirm important information and manage various aspects of your island.

Basic Information

Confirm your sanctuary rank and available currencies.

Sanctuary Rank

Your sanctuary rank indicates your experience with subsisting in an island environment and improving your personal sanctuary. Earn island experience by engaging in various activities on your island. The higher your rank, the more features and options will become available to you.


As development of your island sanctuary progresses, you will earn two types of currency─seafarer's cowries and islander's cowries. These are Cieldalaes-specific currencies to be used at shops that become available on your island.


The hideaway is your base of operations on your island. Here you may build facilities, care for animals, grow crops, and more. You may expand your hideaway as you make progress perfecting your island sanctuary.

Activities on Your Island Sanctuary


Players can collect resources and materials on their island, which are then recorded in the islekeep's index. You can also confirm resource locations and necessary tools.


Accessing the Sanctuary Crafting Log, you can create items using the materials you've acquired in your time spent on your island.


A variety of structures can be built on your island. Players must first access the logboard in front of a vacant plot, wherein they can confirm what materials are required and how long construction will last.


It is possible to plant and water seeds to grow a variety of produce.

The Pasture

You can capture animals on your island and send them to live on the pasture. By taking good care of these animals, you can collect materials from them, which can be used in a variety of ways.

Releasing Minions

One of each minion, up to a maximum of 50, can be released to roam free in the various areas of your island.

Furnishing Glamours

You can decorate your island with glamours based on furnishing items in your inventory. Unlock the ability to place a maximum of 90 glamours by developing your island.
* When its glamour is placed, the furnishing item in your inventory will become bound to you, preventing future trade or sale to other players. Additionally, glamours may be colored with dyes like regular furnishings.


The Cozy Cabin

The cozy cabin is the primary facility of your hideaway. Here you may access the orchestrion to play your favorite tunes, exchange various items with the various merchants stationed there, and more.


The workshop provides a place for mammets in your employ to create handicrafts out of the materials obtained on your island. After conveying a schedule of production to the tactful taskmaster, handicrafts will be automatically created by the mammets on staff in the workshop.

The Granary

After constructing a granary, you may send a team of exploratory mammets on foraging expeditions to gather materials. After choosing your desired expedition area and the number of days you wish your mammets to forage, they will venture out to gather materials, returning once per day until the foraging expedition is over.

As you continue to engage in the above activities on your island sanctuary, it will be possible to renovate your facilities to higher levels.
Further explanations of island sanctuary features can be found as you continue to realize your vision or by viewing the islekeep's index.

Getting Started


Seeking Sanctuary

Any Class or Job Lv. 1 Old Sharlayan (X:11.9 Y:11.0) Clueless Crier Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Endwalker."

Classes and Jobs

While it is possible to craft and gather on your island sanctuary, you are not required to unlock Disciples of the Hand or Land to do so. You are free to enjoy these activities using any class or job.

Traveling to Your Island Sanctuary

You can travel to your island sanctuary at any time by speaking with Baldin in lower La Noscea (X:24.9 Y:34.8).

Lower La Noscea
(X:24.9 Y:34.8)

Leaving Your Island Sanctuary

You can leave your island sanctuary at any time by boat (X:9.2 Y:28.3) or via use of Return and Teleport.
* Players who are inactive for more than 30 minutes will be moved to lower La Noscea (X:25.6 Y:34.8) automatically.

Other Islands

It is also possible to visit the islands of acquaintances. It should be noted that each island has room for up to 15 players to explore at a time.
* Island sanctuary activities such as crafting and gathering cannot be carried out when visiting another island.
* As of Patch 6.2, players will not be able to hear orchestrion music when visiting another island. This will be made possible in a future update.

Visiting Other Islands

Speak with Baldin in lower La Noscea (X:24.9 Y:34.8) to visit other island sanctuaries.
* After completing the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon," it is possible to speak with Baldin and visit other islands even if you do not possess your own.

Lower La Noscea
(X:24.9 Y:34.8)
Baldin Complete the main scenario quest "The Ultimate Weapon."

Permitted Islands

You may visit the island sanctuaries of friends, free company members, and party members. It should be noted, however, the owner of the island sanctuary must enable access for others to visit.

After reaching a sufficient sanctuary rank, you can grant others access to your island sanctuary.