New Housing Lottery System Issue as a Result of World Redistribution

Since our announcement regarding the new housing lottery system, we have received multiple enquiries from players whose free companies have changed Home Worlds in anticipation of World redistribution and therefore would not be considered having been a member of the free company for 30 days or longer, which is required to enter the housing lottery system at the beginning of Patch 6.1.

We would like to apologise to those who were looking forward to the upcoming lottery system and purchasing land in Empyreum but no longer meet the lottery system requirements as a result of their free company changing Home Worlds in anticipation of the World redistribution. The newly added requirement is necessary to prevent the resale of land and would be difficult to change. As such, we will look into individual requests from free companies that have been affected by this issue.

Contact Deadline: Before the Patch 6.1 maintenance
Contact Requirement: You must be the Master of the free company
Contact Method: Please contact us via the in-game Support Desk

Please have the Master of the free company contact support if you wish to have this matter investigated.

We will carefully investigate the situation based on server logs and other information to prevent any possible resale of land.
* Please note that we may not be able to resolve the matter if there is still a possibility of resale even if that is not the intent.
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