Notice Regarding Free Company Rank Permissions

Recently, we have seen an increase in the amount of feedback regarding free companies, including discussions surrounding gil and items being taken without intended authorization, or the free company itself being taken over.

Many of these cases involve the abuse of certain powerful permissions that were granted to the default rank that new free company members are assigned to.

While the development team is considering making changes such as limiting the permissions granted to the new member rank, due to the complexity of these processes, implementation may take some time. In the meantime, we suggest that free company leaders pay close attention to the features of the permission system before assigning them to specific ranks.

When assigning permissions, please keep the following in mind:
- New members are always assigned a specific rank when they join. By default, this rank is named “Members” unless it has been changed by the free company.
- Permissions such as “Promotion/Demotion” and full access to the company chest should be granted with caution.

In order to keep resources safe, we suggest that players pay close attention to the features of the free company permission system, especially when recruiting new members.
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