Regarding Illegitimate Waymarks in Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) (Sep. 13)

In Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage), we have confirmed that waymarks are being placed outside of the battlefield through illegitimate means such as the use of external tools.

We would like to explain the Development/Operations teams’ view regarding this situation, with consideration of the mechanisms of waymarks.

■Regarding the Waymark System

Waymarks, as the name suggests, are provided as markers that can be placed on the field. Therefore, they can only be placed if they are in contact with the ground.

Placement of individual waymarks are determined by whether they are in contact with the ground, if they are not, then the waymarks cannot be placed. However, in consideration of duties where the battlefield changes during the battle, we allow players to place waymarks for the changed battlefield after completing the duty and save them to be used next time. Therefore, waymarks loaded from the save slots are not determined by whether or not they are in contact with the ground.

In this case, with the use of external tools, waymarks that are placed illegitimately at coordinates where they cannot be placed normally are being loaded and circulated between player’s save slots. Resulting in the spread of waymarks with illegitimate coordinates.

After investigation, we have identified the first player who placed the illegitimate waymarks and will be issuing an account penalty for the illicit activity.

■Account Penalties for the Use of Waymarks Through Illegitimate Means

For this matter, since waymarks can be used by simply saving/loading them without the use of external tools or other illicit means, and because it is difficult for players to distinguish illegitimate waymarks, we will not issue an account penalty for the use of an illegitimate waymark by saving/loading them in the save slots.

However, even considering changes to the field, if you see an illegitimate waymark placed outside of the battlefield or any location where it cannot be placed through proper means, please do not save/load them in the save slots moving forward.

If such waymarks have already been saved, please delete them. At this time, all waymarks placed outside the battlefield at the start of the battle for Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage) have illegitimate coordinate data.

■Future Handling of the System

Since an unfair situation has already been created between players who have this data in their save slots and those who don't, due to the spread of the waymark data with illegitimate coordinates and taking into account the strategies players have been using for this duty, we have decided that, regarding Abyssos: The Seventh Circle (Savage), we will allow everyone to set the same waymarks as this currently widespread data allows, but without the use of illicit means.

Specifically, certain fields will be made slightly larger so that it will be possible to set the same waymark coordinates as in the currently widespread data, but through legitimate means.

However, we apologise that there will be a delay in implementation, as setup and testing for this will not be completed in time for patch 6.21. We will update you again when the implementation schedule has been finalized.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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