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Free Company

Recruiting The Lost & Found Members



Active Hours
16:00 24:00
8:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
#Work-life Balance
Ω Who are we?

As the world crumbles to dust, and our realm fades away into the cold embrace of darkness, we are the last hope Eorzea! We are an English-speaking FC welcoming anyone who is ready to join our cause! Recently we celebrated our one-year anniversary and we are eager to grow bigger and stronger! Our lovely FC is a home to many souls, we welcome people of many interests, you may be interested in wonderful RP and Non-RP events that are hosted by our lovely officers, or maybe you want to be an achievement hunter, who wants to get all of the in-game achievements, or you are a treasure hunter, ought to get all the riches in the world, or maybe you are a hardcore player, wanting to tag along with us to beat all the nasty bosses, or maybe you are a lovely sprout, seeking help and guidance – all of you are welcome here, to join in our glorious crusade! We holster people of different ages, some of them are students, some of them are hard workers, some of them are parents, but all of them are united under one banner, with a glorious name on it “Lost and Found”!

Ω What can we offer you?

We own a lovely mansion in Empyreum “Respite of the Found”, located in ward 5 plot 42. It is a wonderful house filled with all the needed commodities and comfort on the first floor, wonderful bath house to ease your tension after a long and hard day of saving Eorzea and a comfy waiting area, where you can have all sorts of treats, on the ground floor we have an amazing club, that hosts various events, starting from RP events and ending with non-stop rave till the sun rise! And our second floor provides you with different merchants and menders, and also a beautiful trophy room! You will definitely find a place to stay, as our house strikes you with aura of love and comfort from each and every corner! On top of that we have a small cozy cafe right next door on plot 43. ^^

Company benefits activated PERMANENTLY! (bonus XP, cheaper TP, Benefits for raid etc.) For our day to day activities we provide a huge amount to choose from: RP events, glamour contests, club nights, weekly mount farms (casual ones and sadistic ones, so you will definitely have a lot of options to choose from!), we also do screenshot contests, with wonderful rewards, we also do all of the in game activities and even if you are a hardcore gamer we also have a static for you to join in and have tons of fun, we also have an active discord server, that has in it all the needed commodities for you as a player and as an active member of our FC!

Our little extra: On certain evenings, one of our lovely officers will do fun little events in our discord, so even if you are not in game you can still join in, have fun and win trophies!

ΩAnd now for the main part, who are we looking for and what do you need to do?

We are looking for respectful members, wishing to get involved in the FC activities and events! We don't ask for anything more ♥

Ω How to join or contact us?

✪ By applying directly in game ➜ "Search" checked language EN ➜ "Start" ➜ Find a member with the “1ofUs” tag ➜ right click / sub menu ➜ "View company profile" ➜ Apply
✪ By sending an in-game /tell to Rakna Rok, Leka Skywynd, Iris Dragneel or Yazea Ralma
✪ By contacting us on Discord
✪ In case of any questions feel free to message anyone in the FC !

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 42, 5 Ward, Empyreum (Large)

Estate Profile

Respite of the Found


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Rakna RokOmega [Chaos]

discord handle for any questions Rakna#6969



Community Member Sihzih YokomoOmega [Chaos]

Hi ya all, I'm Sihzih, Rp officer for this awesome group of people, i only started playing ff14 last year and the fc company have been so welcoming and supportive. Helping me when ever I need it. Please feel free to message me in game if you want to know more about us, looking forward to meeting you all :)


Community Member Rakna RokOmega [Chaos]

Yo wassup fools its me Rakna and I'd like more friends. Holla at me and join our FC for good vibes


Community Member Iris DragneelOmega [Chaos]

Heya! Iris here, member of this awesome bunch of people. Feel free to say hi and im looking forward to see you in our FC and have some fun together ^^

This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Community Member Nite ArtisOmega [Chaos]

This is not directly a recruit request. I just wanted to thank you for having such a welcoming guild and for making my first months in ffxiv!


Community Member Teal VyktarianOmega [Chaos]

You're very welcome Nite!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

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Community Member Leka ShywyndOmega [Chaos]

Howdy o/
I'm Leka, one of the fine bunch at The Lost & Found. Come hang out with us, looking forward to meeting you!


Community Member Booyou BoarOmega [Chaos]

Hey Id love to join if possible :D


Aram AshurOmega [Chaos]

Hello I would like to join!

This comment has been deleted.

Ryoto RientalerOmega [Chaos]

I'd be very happy to joing your guild sounds like a good place and fun times to be had. I'm quite new to the game so I dont really have that much experience.


Community Member Kaz JrOmega [Chaos]

I have been on this game for 2 months and I haven't made a single friend or done anything multiplayer I love the story but Mmos are my favourite when I can interact with people in the world. Anyway I would love to join your FC

This comment has been deleted.

Seismos JishinOmega [Chaos]

Hiya, I am really new to this game and have been playing solo pretty much the whole time so I'd love to join your FC, if possible that is.


Community Member Rakna RokOmega [Chaos]

Hell yeah! Sorry I didnt notice earlier! If you can message me or anyone else in the FC in game, we'll invite you :)

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Seismos JishinOmega [Chaos]

wowie this is awkward, long story short a bundle of unexpected things happened irl so my activity nose dived. If I become active again I'll uh hopefully be able to join y'all.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Xayah Magic'crystalOmega [Chaos]

hi will love to join the fc and I am a old player and i'm lonely ^^ her er min discord Xayah#8362

This comment has been deleted.

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