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Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Elemental CWLS Members



Active Hours
16:00 2:00
12:00 4:00
Active Members


Data Center




#High-end Duties
#Housing Enthusiasts
#Socially Active
Join our Elemental CWLS for a community of social players who are aiming for High-End Duties, Progression, Housing, Leveling and FUN in Eorzea!

If you are interested, please PM us in game!
Elyne Sabrielle or Skye Song

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Elyne SabrielleTonberry (Elemental)



Blade BevelleKujata (Elemental)

hey hey My names Blade Bevelle im on most nights, just looking for a casual group to complete high end duties with :) i usually Dragoon


Lalamunko TutumunkoKujata (Elemental)

Hi there, Lala here! Looking for a casual group like this to have some fun ! I'm a SMN main but a sub par healer as well!


Edoal SchroderKujata (Elemental)

hey there, im interested to join this cwls,im a PLD main


Kara AzuraTyphon (Elemental)

Hi there,

I'm a mentor looking to meet new people and farm mounts, high end duties etc. with English-speaking players, I would be interested in joining!
Thanks :D


Astes VolerazoCarbuncle (Elemental)

Hi there,

I'm interested to join your CWLS, I mainly tank but I also can DPS.
Tank main = all tanks.
dps= RDM,DRG


Kyuhei FuyuhikoTyphon (Elemental)

Hello! Would me and my friend be able to join? I am GMT +9 in Japan. I'm on during evenings on weekdays and mostly afternoon during the weekends.


Gunner CadeKujata (Elemental)

I would be interested in joining if that is still an option. Thank you for considering me


Jiru Syh'arrmaTonberry (Elemental)

Hey! I would love to join a socially active linkshell! :D


Yoyo BrownieAegis (Elemental)

Hello, I'd love to join if still recruiting, thanks!


Altani OronirTonberry (Elemental)

Hello! Would love to join, if this is still open! My Discord is Galatine#0312 :)


Veis QoetKujata (Elemental)

I'd love to join if you are still recruiting. On most nights and looking at getting back into things.


Humqhrey BbearKujata (Elemental)

heya, interested in joining, on most nights


Selrahc NatAtomos (Elemental)

Hi! I'm interested to join this group if you guys are still recruiting. Having already finished this tier, I'm looking for a casual community where I can help run prog parties, and maybe try practicing with my alt jobs as well. I'd also be interested in doing mount farms and old content if you guys are running it :D
Main: SCH


Francesca FindabairAtomos (Elemental)

Hi I'd like to join the CWLS if you guys are still recruiting. I'm on most nights and play RDM/MCH. I can help with mount farms as well. :D


Kakurai FulkeTonberry (Elemental)

Hi, I would like to join if you're still recruiting! I recently returned to the game and am looking for people to play high end duties with. I main DRG!


Sweet BbAtomos (Elemental)

Hello! Im a BLM main and would love to join the community please! If there is any slot left?


Reina SparklechuTyphon (Elemental)

Hi Hi! AST main and i would love to join too!


Rush MixolydeauxTonberry (Elemental)

Hi, I'm a DRK main and would love to join if you're still recruiting


Aya KazueTonberry (Elemental)

Hi there, just started the game a month back, still relatively new, got a DRG/PLD at 80, would love to join if you're still recruiting :D


Max MouseAtomos (Elemental)

Hi, just started this game again, was in beta phase like 10+ years ago, hardcore wow vet, looking for a community to ask for advice and get in raids later.


Community Member Favor AdamahTonberry (Elemental)

Hi, I'm interested in the LS.


Cole MyersKujata (Elemental)

I wanna join this cwsl


Tootsie RollRamuh (Elemental)

Hello! would love to join this CWLS if there's space :))


Merry FistmasTonberry (Elemental)

Im keen to join up!


Amber SylphwindKujata (Elemental)

Hello! Looking for a nice place to chat and hang out! Maining bard here in Kujata

(Edited)  -

Mahjima MahjimeKujata (Elemental)

Wanting to join up, been wanting to try high end stuff for a while now. Main AST, and any ranged DPS.


Kumnub KunAegis (Elemental)

Want to join if you guy still recruiting


Chisa KotegawaKujata (Elemental)

Hello, I would like to join to meet new people to chat and help run duties for prog or mount farming if you are still recruiting. Thanks!


Community Member Zefix AlxinevaKujata (Elemental)

Hello, can i join the cwls. interested in doing high end duties


Yukundes FerrisLeviathan (Primal)

Hello! Interested in joining!

My characters:
Eirinna Ferris
Ellia Ferris

Feel free to just add them! I'm also afk and online rn

(Edited)  -

Uncle TakoTonberry (Elemental)

Hi! Interested to join and attempt high-end duties.


Bareza SaryenUnicorn (Elemental)

Hello! Does your linkshell do things like treasure maps and old extreme raids? Been looking for groups to do them with but can't find any. :( I would love to join if you'd have me!


Bowlof NaiseRamuh (Elemental)

Hi I would like to join


Baibai ClouddExodus (Primal)

Hi there, interested in doing high end duties, mounts, dailies, and all kinds.
I main in SCH, just came back to ffxiv from a long break.
Hope to there is a spot open.


Eirene SnowTonberry (Elemental)

Hi, I am a returning hc raider who left after UCOB/O8S. Would like to find a new community to have fun and catch up on the various raids

(Edited)  -

Thorn SteeleUnicorn (Elemental)

Long time gamer, fresh to FF... alot to learn but looking for a good community to help me through it. Currently still finishing MSQ lvl 60 WHM


Half ElfTonberry (Elemental)

hii would love to join for farm mount and relic together lmao. thx uu


Hero SukiGaruda (Elemental)

Would love to join, started playing again recently and looking for people to do whatever content with or just chill


Recla LogieKujata (Elemental)

Hi is this CWLS still active?


Arx XigasUnicorn (Elemental)

Hello! I started FF14 recently and would like to meet more people to play together with too! :D Currently residing in Unicorn server!


Ferrus WafferRamuh (Elemental)

Hi, are u guys still open to recruitment? i would like to join for more experience on high end duty


Bleu MoonTonberry (Elemental)

I would like to join! Bleu Moon here. Up for high end duties/raids or any content :)


Krysre Le'gardeAtomos (Elemental)

Hi! i'm very keen to join your CWLS! Currently just completed 'Shadowbringers', looking to get into raids (trying to unlock one by one atm)


Tamnier GinovaefRamuh (Elemental)

Hi I'd like to join your CWLS for raiding please invite me in game when you are on ty


Age ArcheRamuh (Elemental)

Can I please get an invite? Thanks


Muneta YasuyukiTonberry (Elemental)

Interested in raiding and can be committed. Can I join? Thanks.


Kimchi EaterGaruda (Elemental)

interested in joining! my name is kimchi eater


Wynter GraeTonberry (Elemental)

Hi! My IG name is Wynter Grae and I'm very interested to join in your community. I currently have an FC I'm happy with but I would love to join your linkshell. I am returning player in who used to be in APAC region but now in Scandinavia. So your active time is perfect for me. I do not want to move in another server because I have many friends here. My active times are the same as yours. I am a casual player who can be available for high-level hardcore content. I'm looking forward to join you!


Ooka MomijiGaruda (Elemental)

Hi, Ign - Ooka Momiji. Currently on Garuda and have an FC but looking towards high-end content. :et me know if any openings available.


Sarah ToninGaruda (Elemental)

Hey - interested in joining for high end raids :)

This comment has been deleted.

Saki AmoureuxdetoiAtomos (Elemental)

Hi. I'm interested in joining if your still recruiting i would love to!


Tressa ColzioneTyphon (Elemental)

Hiya, i'm interested in joining the CWLS if ya'll are still recruiting!


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