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Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Geymer Bears Members



Active Hours
19:00 23:00
19:00 4:00
Active Members


Data Center




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Socially Active
Hello! We are Eorzea's largest 18+ community for bears with over 1.000 members and one of the largest LGBTQ communities (though non-LGBTQ welcome too). We span all 3 North America data centers with CWLS' and an active Discord featuring regular giveaways along with contests and other fun activities. We will soon be celebrating our 4 year anniversary with many exciting events and are looking for more gaymer bears or those that admire them to continue our rapid growth. You can expect a mostly casual environment but hardcore players are welcome too. Beginner friendly, welcoming and helpful. Socializing, roulettes, treasure maps, etc.

You can find us in game by searching for our fellowship named 'Geymer Bears' (the censor made us name it that) or join us on Discord at https://discord.gg/xivgaymerbears

Looking forward to meeting you!

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Torsten StonebridgeFaerie [Aether]

Ronin is a seasoned community vet with over 20 years of experience in running online communities of large numbers. A programmer by trade, he puts the special touch on his communities with his skills. An avid gaymer bear himself, he's been a member of Eorzea since 2016.



Tudori AldrohnMidgardsormr [Aether]

Hi! Would love to join.

This comment has been deleted.

Winnie FredHyperion [Primal]

I would like to join!


Whelk KingCactuar [Aether]

Would love to join. Just upgraded to the full game.


Dinonugget DeftinwolfCactuar [Aether]

was wondering if you guys were still recruiting, i'd be interested


Slothifer I'xezSargatanas [Aether]

Hey! would love to join


Migaia McfurryTwintania [Light]

I'd really enjoy joining your FC!


Jifo PafoMidgardsormr [Aether]

I'd like to join if possible!


Khalid TorstenDiabolos [Crystal]

Hi! I would like to join the CWL, as I am on diabolos, but still very interested in this community! ^^


Lilie FastbladeSiren [Aether]

Can I get an invite to the CWL?


Sirius PadfootMidgardsormr [Aether]

I'd like to join! Gaymer in SF.


Pump-kin JackJenova [Aether]

Can I get an invite? :D


Theo ZumaschSpriggan [Chaos]

Y'all still recruiting? I'd love to join de CWL


Nona DexGilgamesh [Aether]

Please send invite


Zach ElpFaerie [Aether]

Would Love a invite :D


Samurai JakeGilgamesh [Aether]

would like an invite, just resubbed to the game


Leik IseldurGilgamesh [Aether]

toss me an invite :)


Moiraine EronaileBrynhildr [Crystal]

I would love an invite please :)


Castor WildesAdamantoise [Aether]

I joined Eorzea back in February '21 and this community has been amazing for me. It's a wonderful group you definitely won't be sad to be apart of!


Nicholas KholusiaSeraph [Dynamis]

im down to join in, what do i gotta do~


Hassan SiddiqGolem [Dynamis]

May I have an invite? I'd love to join. :)


Grath SofttouchBehemoth [Primal]

I'd love to join. :)


-- -- ----

I'd like to join, just an otter, but.. lol


Joe EstheimAdamantoise [Aether]

I would love to join, if someone would send a invite. :3


Zale HarkleiveCactuar [Aether]

I would love to join


Matty ForthfallFaerie [Aether]

Hey I would love to have an invite! Fellow gaymer bear here :)


Blu OrangeadeAdamantoise [Aether]

Hello! I would love to join! May I please have an invite?


Vaclav YanavschSiren [Aether]

May I have an invite I would love to join!


Xolotl ShadowstalkerUltros [Primal]

Would love an invite to join! First LS that popped up for me, it was fate. :)


Lea HiromeGilgamesh [Aether]

I would love to join.


Merakus ZendrFaerie [Aether]

This sounds amazing! I'm a returning player and was hoping to find something like this! Please invite :)


Lutharn HawkeLamia [Primal]

Hey hey, would love to join and make friends, nice to meet you!


Krystitar HerltoumsynMidgardsormr [Aether]

Hi there! I would like to join.


Eisenn AhltCoeurl [Crystal]

Hello, I would like to join, either discord or the FC. Not a bear but I love bears hahah


Mehndi KamendiGilgamesh [Aether]

I'll join


Kaiddin LockharteFaerie [Aether]

Hey, I would like to join if I could, thank you :)


Arram DarkmoonMidgardsormr [Aether]

I would like to join.


Kassiel UsagiMidgardsormr [Aether]

hey gaymers i would love to join :0 !!


Deerock MetalforgeCactuar [Aether]

Hello there! Interested in joining here. Grr...


Dominik TreyvSiren [Aether]

I would love to join if possible!


Kitty FantasticoMateus [Crystal]

Would love an invite. Lemme know how I go about getting one.


Rainer QuellAdamantoise [Aether]

I’d love to join this crew!


Pint-sized MayhemAdamantoise [Aether]

I would like to join! :)


Bigboi ChunkyJenova [Aether]

hi id like to join:3


Therem EstravenFaerie [Aether]

Hi there, I would love to join :)


Kamisato AyakaGilgamesh [Aether]

hello may i join :3


Lucien PicardGoblin [Crystal]

I would appreciate an invite!


Titika TikaMidgardsormr [Aether]

Hello! I would like to join! :D


Remm YurenuffSargatanas [Aether]

Hello i would love an invite to this LS


Juniper HellsingFaerie [Aether]

Hi, this linkshell sounds wonderful and I'd love to be a part of it!


Papertowels RaoZalera [Crystal]

Hello! I would love you join this amazing sounding group please!


Gumby DumbyBalmung [Crystal]

Would love to join this community !!


Big DogMarilith [Dynamis]

I'd like to join this community if it's still open!


Raedar HayashiMidgardsormr [Aether]

I would love to join as well! Professional working Cub in DTLA that's tryin to balance work and life as much as possible while also keeping myself enriched in this amazing RPGMMO (cause let's face it it's essentially an RPG first with how much it offers)


Gundyr ReksenGilgamesh [Aether]

I'd like to join.


Keita L'faeFaerie [Aether]

I'd love to join as well if it's still possible :)


Dor'yu EjderSiren [Aether]

I would be interested in joining as well!


Daxx AlabelSiren [Aether]

I'd like to join as well if you're still taking people


Ronin SolAdamantoise [Aether]

Would love to join the LS if you're still recruiting. :)

(Edited)  -

Tarethen LightwingSargatanas [Aether]

Hi, I'd like to join the LS if you're still recruiting.


Sly XochipilliGilgamesh [Aether]

Hi, I'd like to join your LS if you still have space. Thank you!


Shadow ZeroSeraph [Dynamis]

Hi there! I would like to join. Thanks!


Valandil JoestarMidgardsormr [Aether]

Greetings... I am interested in joining... let me know what i need to do :)


Baby GorgeousGilgamesh [Aether]

ready to join!


Eisenn AhltCoeurl [Crystal]

It's still posibble to join?


Erwayn NibooMidgardsormr [Aether]

Hey! Just wondering if you are still recruiting? Thanks!


Ylisse PatenmaSeraph [Dynamis]

I'd be interested in joining if its open although I'm newish


Kalvari NightstalkJenova [Aether]

Hi, I would like to join!


Wiccan JackGilgamesh [Aether]

Hello, I'd really love to join!


Errant DuckGilgamesh [Aether]

Hey! I'd like to join if you're still recruiting


Sol AzoraSargatanas [Aether]

Hi there i would like to join please!


Astraea KeresFamfrit [Primal]

would love to join!


Rope BunnyCactuar [Aether]

I would like to join please :)


Krossbyr PayneBehemoth [Primal]

I would like to join!


Krossbyr PayneBehemoth [Primal]

I would like to join!


Catboy CraigHyperion [Primal]

I am interested in joining :3


Jeff FierlaineMidgardsormr [Aether]

Can I get an invite please?


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