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Free Company

Recruiting Astral Dawn Members



Active Hours
6:00 24:00
6:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#LGBTQ+ Inclusive
#Socially Active
#Treasure Maps
#Player Events
Astral Dawn is very friendly and community oriented -- we're always looking for new faces, whether you’re just starting or have been playing for years!

We're highly active with 40-60 members online daily -- you'll always find members hanging out at the FC house -- right next to a market board! Check it out for yourself at Coeurl Empyreum W14 P42 Large (Northwest Subdivision)!

We have a dedicated leadership team to keep things running smoothly as a collective and ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. We are also an inclusive LGBTQIA+ space (with several in leadership). Even though we are a large FC we are very laid back and encourage all kinds of playstyles to join us!

We have an active Discord that we enjoy a game/life balance in. Whether you're looking to be more social or have another interest you like to chat about, we probably have a channel for you!

We run weekly events like 60/70/80/90 treasure maps, Shared FATE farms, Mount Farms, as well as Discord events like Sunday Showtimes, Drawing games, Jackbox and bi-monthly karaoke nights.

We hold monthly FC raffles where we have fun and hang out together, making any community announcements we might have and with /random giveaways featuring glam, minions, mounts, and more! We have monthly calendar art contests as well as other contests. We have holiday events with prizes, such as our Scavenger Hunts and Catch a Prime tag game. We also host Live Letter recaps to help our members be in the know of what to look forward to in coming patches!

We have a couple raid statics, and a BLU static, but would always welcome more!

We run rank 2 or 3 FC buffs daily, such as combat, crafting, and gathering XP, teleport discounts, and GC seals.
And of course our stables will keep your chocobos well fed and happy!

Interested in joining?
You’re welcome to put in an application in game, contact me here, or on Discord (kanabang)

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 42, 14 Ward, Empyreum (Large)

Estate Profile

Astral Realm


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Cece Braus Coeurl [Crystal]



Community Member Elysia Kett Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello! Would love to join.


Morgy Worgy Coeurl [Crystal]

would love to join! new player halfway through ShB, looking to do old and new content and participate in events :3


Akaten Tak Coeurl [Crystal]

Hi, I'd like to join this FC! I'm a returning player from years ago.


Lord Aerathus Leviathan [Primal]

Hello, I am a returning player looking for a FC. After reviewing your listing, I am interested in joining you guys. Hope you're all having a great evening!

This comment has been deleted.

Noctiluca Pucaluca Coeurl [Crystal]

This seems like it would be a great place to join! You have a lot of the things I am looking for and I like contributing even though I am still in ARR. I wanted to come visit, but I can't get to your house yet because I'm not in that part of the msq


Celestia Brightstar Coeurl [Crystal]

I am interested. Returning player and am so glad to be back. Seems like a great place to be part of.


T'tahjha Khuba Coeurl [Crystal]

Do y'all have a Discord I could hang in and get a feel for the vibe before joining?


Mysticrose Greenleaf Sophia [Materia]

Returning player looking to join your free company if I may =)


Coeboi Joe Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello! Long time player looking to join my first free company, and bring a new to the game friend along with me! This seems like a chill place


Chubby Chancellor Coeurl [Crystal]

definitely happy to get both of you invited! Feel free to send me a DM on discord (chubbychancellor) or send me a tell in game :D

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Uwu Slayer Coeurl [Crystal]

CoeBoi Joe's friend here, I also think it seems like a chill place and would love to join.


Krelh Jinrali Coeurl [Crystal]

Returning player from nearly 10 years ago. I’d love to join your community and make some friends, y’all sound like good people.


Kwang Venomous Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello, i'd love to sit down and have a chat with one of your recruiters to see if i would fit with Astral dawn.


Lady Jebuz Coeurl [Crystal]

Hit me up, i wanna join ! ?????❤️!


Jorgie Capra Coeurl [Crystal]

Hi just wondered if you have room for me? would like to join if possible <3


Chubby Chancellor Coeurl [Crystal]

definitely! Either message me on discord (chubbychancellor) or send a tell in game!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Torrad Horne Coeurl [Crystal]

Started playing a month ago and would like the join a guild I can't really play during the week but can on weekends most of the time. I couldn't find the recruiter in the player search in game, so I'll just leave my discord. (soupdog1)


Community Member Trixie Heavensreader Coeurl [Crystal]

Hey i wanna apply to the FC since i am newer and my old fc is pretty much dead


-- -- ----

Discord didn’t not work


Chelsea Hoshikawa Coeurl [Crystal]

hiii. New person here. Would like to join~


Community Member Kloud Gotdaloud Coeurl [Crystal]

Hey would like to join the FC


Ash Fatebreaker Kraken [Dynamis]

Hi :) please invite me. Just started EW expansion and excited for Dawntrail!


Kzan Xanesh'a Coeurl [Crystal]

Good morning! I read the description for your FC, and I think I would be a good fit.


Community Member Isamu Nakazato Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello ! I'm looking for a inclusive FC and am interested in Joining if there are any spots available.


Community Member Pillzius Campos Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello! I would love to join the FC


Community Member Damm Years Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello can I join yalls fc? Returning casual player.


Community Member Kaanyr Vhok Coeurl [Crystal]

Hi I'm a casual returning player I think I was in the FC at one point I got you guys on my Discord? Been over a year sense I last played.


Momo Momo Coeurl [Crystal]

hi i would like to join your fc Returning casual player.


Community Member Jhin Gitaxias Coeurl [Crystal]

Hello, I'm a returning casual player. Would like to join!


Raverick Tsukuyomi Coeurl [Crystal]

Fellow FC lead Rav here, just saying I absolutely LOVE your community finder main pic, so hype!

This comment has been deleted.

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