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Free Company

Recruiting Sprout Sanctuary Members


Cerberus [Chaos]

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#Friends to new players
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Work-life Balance
Welcome to Sprout Sanctuary!

We are a small and cozy Free Company on Chaos(Cerberus) designed to be the perfect place for new and returning players alike to explore and experience the wonders of Eorzea in their purest form. Though there will be some experienced players within our ranks to help us along, the core idea of this Free Company is for those of us who have yet to experience everything this wonderful world has to offer to journey into its' dangerous dungeons, treacherous trials and relentless raids with little but our determination and each other to guide us until we come out of the other side victorious.

~The Dream~
I am but a humble returning player after 3 years, starting again from zero and having never ventured beyond Heavensward. I'm not going to pretend that I am great at the game right now, because I'm really not, but that's okay and it always will be.

Sprout Sanctuary is here for people like me who wish to grow as a player as much as they wish to be part of a friendly, laid-back community that will support and join you as you achieve your goals, no matter how high you are striving.

We are not here to carry you through the content you need to do to meet your goals, we are here to learn and grow alongside you so that meeting that goal, no matter how long it takes, feels like the true accomplishment that it is meant to be. When we clear tough content together, we want you to feel like it's the first ever clear in the world every time.

~Why Choose Sprout Sanctuary?~
Do you want to take on the hardest content the game has to offer but worry that because you fumble your buttons, drop rotations or always forget about your major cooldowns that you'll never be able to achieve those dreams? Well that's okay, I have that fear too. But I know that alongside the friendly community that we build here, I'll be able to achieve all the cool titles, mounts and more that I want to be able to show off to the people around me. With the right amount of time, patience and effort you can too. There is no limiter on how high our sprouts can grow.

If you're not crazy like me and your dreams are a little more grounded you are, of course, more than welcome within the tight-knit community we are building. If you prefer a quieter life of crafting and gathering and just want a group of people to chat with while you relax out in the world or want to hang out at our cosy company house then we can be a home for you too, no matter your playstyle.

Sure, you could join a large-well established Free Company for all of their perks, but I am building this community because I believe there is no greater accomplishment than building something great out of nothing. By joining us here you too can be part of a small dream with a big future ahead, and it will be an honour to have you along for the journey.

~Contact Us~
If you are interested in joining us on our grand adventure please drop a message down below or feel free to contact myself (Claire Venefskuja) or my Chief Gardener (Grayson White) in game to ask any questions you might have.

All we ask is that you:
> Are kind, friendly and patient with all of our members no matter the situation (hateful and hurtful people will be removed like the weeds they are C: )
> Are willing to meet and befriend a bunch of new people
> Are willing to both give and accept advice in a kind and constructive way if teaming up for harder content
> Please do not discuss main story spoilers in any of our open chatrooms
> Wish to grow and unlock your true potential as a player (Optional :) )

~What Sprout Sanctuary Can Provide For You~
Currently we have little more to offer than the company of friends and a place in seeing our dream get realised, but here are some of the things we can offer:
> Company discord server
> A company house located on a beautiful cliff within the Lavender Beds
> Community events of all shapes and sizes!
> Company buffs!
> Organised parties for tackling any and all content within the game, for an experience as thrilling as the day it released. Any content you want to do, just say the word and we'll find you a party to go with!

~One Final Thanks~
Thank you for reading to the end of this lengthy pitch and showing so much interest in our humble home. No matter where your journey takes you, be it within our ranks or running apart from us in another wonderful community, we wish you all the best in completing your quest and achieving your goals for both the near and far-flung future.

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Active Members




Primary language



Plot 59, 1 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Small)

Estate Profile

Sanctuary Gardens


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Claire VenefskujaCerberus [Chaos]

A proud sprout with a dream. Lots of perhaps too ambitious dreams, in fact. Started playing again just a few weeks ago and fell in love with the game harder than ever before. If any part of this Free Company is of interest to you please feel free to get in touch and you will be gleefully welcomed :)



Community Member Grayson WhiteCerberus [Chaos]

If you are unsure if you want to join or have questions after reading this post, then feel free to reach out to me ingame. I am usually online after 4 PM until about 12 AM.


Ashaka NariPhantom [Chaos]

Im interested in joining but I have a few questions about the FC Id like to ask. If someone could add me on discord and answer them that would be much appreciated. Discord username: ashakanari


Lepus ViridisCerberus [Chaos]


I’m very much interested in joining. Your Free Company sounds great & is what I am looking for. I have just started playing the game about a week ago & am loving it.

My Username in game is ReadyPlayerNate


Community Member Claire VenefskujaCerberus [Chaos]

Hi! Terribly sorry we haven't reached out to you yet, busy time of year and everything so haven't been on and checking the post much! If you're still interested please feel free to add me as a friend in game or drop me a message on discord! My username on discord is negimalevolent

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