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    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
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    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Bitter Supremacy Members



Active Hours
9:00 22:00
15:00 21:00
Active Members


Data Center




#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Parent Friendly
#Work-life Balance
#Socially Active
Welcome to Bitter Supremacy :)

I started this group wanting to make friends and to help others that are new to the game. This group is for new and old players alike and i honestly hope it grows into a awesome place full of friendship and laughter. At first the group will 100% just social and other laid back stuff but if we grow and want to branch out into harder content i am all for it :)

I want this to be a place for everyone from the social butterfly to awkward loner everyone has a place here.

So please feel free to contact me for an invite and lets make Bitter Supremacy one giant family of friends :)

We also have a discord https://discord.gg/fkQacYJNjZ

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

Everyone is welcome! Lets be friends and do great things together.



Niska BlackthornOmega (Chaos)

Hiyo! I would like to join your LS. It sounds exactly like what I'm looking for in the game c:


Community Member Zezzy VariationsCerberus (Chaos)

Hello! I too am interested in joining your Linkshell. Its desccription pleased me ^^


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

Thanks so much for your interest :) really sorry for late reply didnt have much free time over the weekend due to work. if its ok i will invite you both when i get on tomorrow :) and again so happy you wanna join.


Alunia NightrayExodus (Primal)

I would love to join your LS ^^


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

Awesome :) invites should start soon sorry this is the first time ive tried to do this so had to figure out how to find people not on moogle.


Skylar CaesarLouisoix (Chaos)

I wouldn't mind joining this LS ^^ the description sounds very pleasing :D


Keda NiRagnarok (Chaos)

I'd love to join if it's possible


Mikanair MistfeltSpriggan (Chaos)

Hi, I'm also interested and would love to join if possible


Theus SeraborCerberus (Chaos)

heya' can i join your linkshell?


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

Thanks everyone im so sorry i havent invited you yet been a busy week. Im going to try my best to get invites out as soon as possible but if i dont catch you i made a discord to make things easier. the link is https://discord.gg/fkQacYNjz cant wait to meet you all :)


Skylar CaesarLouisoix (Chaos)

I don't know if anyone else if having the problem, but the discord link isn't working, saying its either invalid or expired ??


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

oh sorry ill try again i have been checking to try and catch people sorry. lets try this https://discord.gg/zn8gR8mb sorry again

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This reply has been deleted.

Aria PianaRagnarok (Chaos)

Hello, I am interested in joining the LS as well ♥


Community Member Jules KatoOmega (Chaos)

Hellooo, i would like to join too (a bit shy and awkward at first but i will try my best quq )


Community Member Ginette HillRagnarok (Chaos)

Hello, would love to join your LS :) !


Aletz DeadmanRagnarok (Chaos)

Hello! Would like to join too!


Takishima QzOdin (Light)

Hey, I would like to join.


S'tyaka TiaLouisoix (Chaos)

Is it still possible to join? The discord link is expired


Raina LaerwenLouisoix (Chaos)

I would like to join if that’s okay?


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

so many people wanting to join :) ill try to find you all as quick as possible.


Meadow HuntOmega (Chaos)

Hey, am a completely newbie here and really love the sound of your community. Just bought the game and would love to join you if possible. Just take your time, no rush :-)


Sera CadieuxSpriggan (Chaos)

Heya! I would like to join the linkshell as well ^^


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

Im still trying to catch everyone to invite ill do my best to check often. :)


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

IM doing my best to try and find people when their online but its hard. If anyone wanting to join could msg me or join the discord id really appreciate it.


Community Member Dandy YuipoMoogle (Chaos)

If anyone is interested please join discord or find me on moogle.


Community Member Bracan ErmmartRagnarok (Chaos)

Interested in joining an active community. Legacy player so know the game just need a little guidance back into the XIV groove...

(Edited)  -

Community Member Cael FluctusCerberus (Chaos)

Hello!! I am interested to join your LS too!!


Community Member Healthcare SystemLouisoix (Chaos)

Hi, I would love to join your LS.


Rheli KhoLouisoix (Chaos)

Hi, I'd love to join!


Alt HotgoSpriggan (Chaos)

I kind of want to give Linkshell a try, please send me an invite


Moonrie Fa'laCerberus (Chaos)

Hey! I would like to join! ^^


Jeuna JikyaLouisoix (Chaos)

Heya! I would like to join the linkshell :D


Cresen MorowCerberus (Chaos)

hi, would like to join!


Sage SpectraLouisoix (Chaos)

Hi! great LS concept! I would like to join

(Edited)  -

Fala La'lalaOmega (Chaos)

inv please!!!!!!!!! <3


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