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  • About Free Companies

    A community to play together with friends on the same World.

    Free companies are player-run organizations which allow their members to pool resources, be it items or gil, to accomplish feats that would be difficult or impossible for a single individual.
    The benefits of joining a free company include a dedicated chat channel for all members, the ability to purchase an estate to serve as the group's base of operations, and the use of free company actions that grant bonuses such as increased experience points.
    No two free companies share the same goals and motivations, so be sure to choose the free company that's right for you.

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    A dedicated chat channel for players who share a common aim.

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    Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same World.
    Cross-world Linkshells: allow communication with any players on the same data center.
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    Teamwork is key, so be sure to find a team with whom you're confident you can hone your skills together.

    PvP duties: allow players to compete against one another in unique instanced arenas.
Cross-world Linkshell

Recruiting Bunny Dango Cafe Members

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#Making friends
#Socially Active
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Work-life Balance
Hello! Welcome to the Bunny Dango Cafe, are you looking for friendly people to play and chat with? Then come on in and grab a warm cup o' tea by the fire.

We have an in game cross world link shell, an FC and a discord with a small active community who's goal it is to make a safe space for all. No matter your experience or skill, we are a patient and kind group!

All are welcome, so what are you waiting for? Come and join our cost little dumpling family <3

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Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Mori MorikoTwintania (Light)

A small, patient and friendly family looking to expand its members! Come and join us, send me a tell in game or on discord <3



Eugene OpheliaPhoenix (Light)

Wondering if there's room in the linkshell for a recently graduated sprout ^_^


Refia MoonlightZodiark (Light)

Hi! Do you have any more space in your LS? Please contact me on Discord : Refia#7020

(Edited)  -

Amaryllis RenzellaShiva (Light)

I'd love to join your cozy little group if you have any room! ♡ My discord is ☉ a m a r y l l i s ☿#8025

(Edited)  -

Alice FuyukoPhoenix (Light)

hey is there still some space in your linkshell, i would love to join my discord: fuyuko#6730


Kamizura SuzugamoriZodiark (Light)

is there space in the LS? i would love to join, im still a newish player looking for people to play and socialize with. my discord is Kamizura#0293


Saiko SaisunePhoenix (Light)

Hey, if you have space still I would like an invite as I'm trying to find people to do stuff with ^^ My discord is Saiko#5067


Kati FosbjornLich (Light)

Guess I'd like to join LS and discord, if still looking for more people


Shinra KensakiShiva (Light)

I Would like to join if there is still space in your LS. Winterherz#6087

(Edited)  -

-- -- ----

sign me up! discords Cedira Oghu#8289


Li TsimaZodiark (Light)

Hi. Are you still looking for new members? Due to work some weeks I play during the day rather than in the evenings, so a friendly LS that’s active during the day sounds great. My Discord is Li#1789


Nadia NavarreZodiark (Light)

I would like to join LS and discord if there is still space.
My discord is nazu#4754


Orpheus TelosPhoenix (Light)

I'd love to join the linkshell and discord if theres room. Pheus#2504


Community Member Maya NaomiShiva (Light)

Would like to join the Linkshell :) Maya ♡#8778


Community Member Elieth SkarbiPhoenix (Light)

Hi hi! Would love to join this linkshell if you still have a space! <3 discord is Zu#3250


Ninida NidazanOdin (Light)

id love to join if you have the space! Night#5255


Agni IguniPhoenix (Light)

Hi, I'd love to join the FC if you'll have me. :D


Cordy BlackteaZodiark (Light)

Dumplings are love! Can I join your linkshell please?

This comment has been deleted.

Hana RiOdin (Light)

hey can i join the linkshell?


-- -- ----

Was wondering if I could join :)


Chamomile TeaPhoenix (Light)

Any chance I can join the linkshell?

Discord: Trixie_I#8253


Aiyzer StarkPhoenix (Light)

Hello there, I'd like to join if there's still a spot left


Mogi DangoPhoenix (Light)

do you still accept new members? i can provide dangos and mochis :3


Kyu VulpesPhoenix (Light)

Hiya! I would love to join if there is a space available! :)


Sora NightwindTwintania (Light)

Yello , new sprout here , I would like to join if you would have me , I'm a lvl 31 BLM still working through my MSQ .
Discord: RAOE#1111

This comment has been deleted.

Jing ChelonePhoenix (Light)

Would love to join if you still have a spot available! I'm caught up on the story but behind on most other things... ^^; Chelone#5143


Alysia MoonTwintania (Light)

Heya! ^_^ I'd like to meet new people during my journey through Eorzea. So if there's a spot left, I'd like to join!


Kal RexPhoenix (Light)

Really would love to join if there is still space? ^^ I'm all for making new friends and chatting, sounds like a lovely group to do so! My discord is Rex <3#6554


Leno EveTwintania (Light)

Hi! I would like to join your community, im new to this game, my Discord Kasis#6179.


Laita Rohd'nskiOdin (Light)

Hello! I’d love to join your LS and discord :)


Daru RalmoPhoenix (Light)

Hi, sprot/intermedia player who has returned to the game. wanting to join a linkshheel to have fun with.


Mairi KumachiLich (Light)

Hello, I would like to join your LS and your Discord. :)
Discord: Kumamoto#7336


Aar ThuurZodiark (Light)

Hi there. Fellow returning player looking for a spot to hang out :)


Mina IsionPhoenix (Light)

Hello I would like to join if you'll have me thnx


Cherry BakewellLich (Light)

Hello! I'd love to join your linkshell if you're still recruiting? :)


Salerk SilverstonePhoenix (Light)

Hello, I was wondering if there is still room within the Cafe. Please feel free to contact me in game or via discord <MyCharsFirstname>#0018


Svenn ThunderborneZodiark (Light)

Hello, I would love to join the Discord and CWLS if you are still recruiting ^^ my disc is dddandelion#7514


Fyre HartOdin (Light)

Heeello, can I join the CWL please? sounds like a fun place to be ^^
my discord is Top 3bood#1171

This comment has been deleted.

Mk DeedPhoenix (Light)

I think this will be a good linkshell to join to have fun with and do contant together and if you have a discord server mine discord is MKdeed#3205


Khuma NeekoTwintania (Light)

Hey! I am looking for a linkshell and a discord to talk in and make a few friends! My discord is Khuma Neeko#6638


Dead HealerPhoenix (Light)

If there's still room I'd love to join :) Ken0r#4794 on discord


Rena GiurgZodiark (Light)

Hey! I just came back to the game and pretty much all my friends stopped playing :( I'd love to meet some other people to play with! My ID on discord is Rena#3876 ^-^


Jarod MartinLich (Light)

I'm interested in joining. send me a moogle message when you're next on. I'm currently almost at Stormblood's MSQ.


Rhen SilmarilTwintania (Light)

I’d love to become another addition to your dumpling family if there’s a spot free (:


Yuuki SabaPhoenix (Light)

Hi if you have space I would like to join :) discord is Cenn#5126


Einnerth RaLich (Light)

Any chance I can join the linkshell? if u have space of course :)

discord: loonyyaish#8317


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