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Free Company

Recruiting Delightful Oddities Members



Active Hours
1:00 24:00
1:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Delightful Oddities
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Player Events
#High-end Duties
**** We now have a mansion - Come visit us!!! ****

We're a social free company consisting of long-time FFXIV veterans. We welcome friendly, mature players of any tenure, whether your focus is endgame raiding/PvP, or something more casual.

We are a FC that want to help you achieve the goals of FF14 that you may have, never feel rushed, or pressed. We hope that you find we have a very relaxed atmosphere and will find that help is always available to help your progression - - MANY of our members have many hours/years of experience... TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!

We are working strongly to build a strong group of end game players. Those that can work together to clear such things as: ranked PVP; Savage Raids; Mount Farming - - New to the end game content? We will work together to learn it.

About Delightful Oddities: Delightful Oddities was founded as a place for those who want to play the game the way they want, without being judged. FC buffs are ran 24/7, with lvl 3 buffs being used on the weekends. There is an active Discord, that we use to post info to each other and also voice, so we can party together.... or.. just chat!

Weekly Activities for those who are not at "End Game" yet... such as:
• Treasure Maps - lvl 60/70/80/90 group maps
• Blue Mage *Spell* farm
• POTD and/or HOH
• Mount Farm
• Fate Farms
• PLUS.... many many more

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 7, 29 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

Estate Profile

Delightfully Odd


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Teddy Ursa Excalibur [Primal]

Send me a DM if interested or have questions o/


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This comment has been deleted.
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This comment has been deleted.

Community Member Wren Stormfallen Excalibur [Primal]

I would be interested into speaking with you about your FC. i shot you a discord req. :)


Community Member Maryjane Deathmouse Excalibur [Primal]

welcome to the family Wren! get comfy and stay a while <3

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

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Community Member Jasper Crabclaw Excalibur [Primal]

Hi, just sent a friend request on discord! I’d be interested in checking out the FC


Community Member Maryjane Deathmouse Excalibur [Primal]

HI Jasper! I approved your friend request this morning, I should be on most of the day - feel free to message whenever you have time to chat <3

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Morherb Blazin Excalibur [Primal]

Looking for FC with active people on late nights due to my busy schedule. I'm returning player since beta, 1.0, and relaunch 2.0 ARR. Been away from game for awhile busy with work, family, life, house, and finally getting back on FFXIV. Would like to find players help guide me in finishing MSQ & all FFXIV has to offer. I'm sure as BLM my DPS rotation needs updated any tips would be greatly appreciated. Usually on late nights, overnight, and weekends.

Morherb - Friend of Gandalf


Community Member Magnus Kane Excalibur [Primal]

sent you a discord request


Confibious Nutjob Excalibur [Primal]

This FC actually has people who not only do POTD and HOH but enjoy both? Thats been hard to find


Community Member Maryjane Deathmouse Excalibur [Primal]

yes we do :)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

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This comment has been deleted.

Rinh Lhita Faerie [Aether]

Hi i would love to join if you guys are still accepting !!


Pappa Emeritus Excalibur [Primal]

Hi, I would love to join!


Community Member Sarge Dejiki Excalibur [Primal]

Interested in Joining your FC I've submitted an app in game already :)


Michyy Astraya Leviathan [Primal]

Hello! Just talked with a member of your FC, would love to get in contact with the owners via Discord to talk more :)


Aedair Durimar Excalibur [Primal]

Greetings! My FC just left for the new Dynamis data center. I'm looking for another group of friendly, sociable people who might have an eye toward non-toxic end-game progress. If you have an open spot, please consider me interested!


Community Member Maryjane Deathmouse Excalibur [Primal]

We do have plenty of space for you <3... I am typically on until 6pm EST, pls feel free to msg me :D

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Yoh Asakura Excalibur [Primal]

Hey there! I've been bouncing around FCs trying to find a good crowd that is active, runs events and thought I'd apply to your group! I'm a returning player (and parent) that got back into the game recently. I play only weekdays Mon-Fri from 8 - 4 pm EST and have time on nights around 7. Anyway, that's enough of me and hoping you'd accept my request! Thanks! (b^-')b


Filthy Rat Kraken [Dynamis]

I sent an application in-game! :) Thanks for the consideration! I really look forward to potentially playing with your FC <3

This comment has been deleted.

Eyla Vayte Cactuar [Aether]

hey :D I am interested in joining this FC, I am pretty new to FFXIV and MMOs in general and honestly just wanna meet people and make friends and this seems like a welcoming community :)


Community Member Furya Starscourge Excalibur [Primal]

Hello, I'm interested in your FC, I'd like to speak more with you about it please reach out to me at Betelgeuse#0536. Thank for your time


Community Member Scarlet Lily Excalibur [Primal]

I would like to join ^^


Community Member Nimin Tuba Excalibur [Primal]

Hello! I'm interested in joining your FC :)


Community Member Caroll Danvers Excalibur [Primal]

I am interested in joining. Long time returning player :)


Naofumi Nagumo Excalibur [Primal]

Hello I am interested in joining your FC


Rize Aurasense Excalibur [Primal]

Hello! I would love to be apart of this FC, sounds like a lot of fun :)


Ojjiro Ojii Excalibur [Primal]

/battle Stance Mh! I’ll join


Ellianora Lucius Excalibur [Primal]

Hey I'm looking to join, I've been playing for about 5 days now and I'm fairly invested in playing long-term


Magical Unicorn Excalibur [Primal]

Hi I am looking to join. Thanks!


Laurent Thierry Excalibur [Primal]

A friend and I would like to join! :)


Community Member Arilos Ewald Excalibur [Primal]

Hey! I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind giving me a chance to join y'all.

This comment has been deleted.

Lucii Ommegang Excalibur [Primal]

I am interested in joining you all!


Pulsar Nova Excalibur [Primal]

Can't find your Discord link, so just send a friend request to mine. nova_pulsar


Community Member Trojan Atopac Excalibur [Primal]

Hey, was looking around with a company with an active group and discord. Would be interested in joining, I'm a new player and have heavy WoW experience. Where can I reach out to join.


Community Member Teddy Ursa Excalibur [Primal]

will love you have you. send me a DM to Teddy Ursa
here's our discord link too: https://discord.gg/y4cUQjg3

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

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