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Free Company

Recruiting Chaotic Carbs Members



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#Friends in Nonsense
#Socially Active
#Work-life Balance
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
The prophecy of the Chaotic Carbs

Welcome to Chaotic Carbs, an 18+ FC on Exodus where confusion is our strategy & chaos is our game. We're a band of misfits who proudly embrace the fact that we have absolutely no idea what we're doing, but we're having a blast. Our motto? Cluelessness is just another form of creativity.

What We Attempt To Do:
☼ Daily Roulettes: What mechanics? We stumble through daily roulettes with
the finesse of a headless Chocobo. Expect lots of wipes, questionable decisions, and
endless laughter. If you know what you’re doing, come laugh at us—or better yet, guide us
through our epic fails!

☼ Mount and Minion Farms: Need a shiny mount or adorable minion? So do we! Our
farming sessions are a glorious mess of missteps. We’ll probably wipe more than once, but
that’s part of the fun. If we do get the loot, it’s usually by accident.

☼ Staring Contests: Sometimes, the best activity is doing nothing at all. We have moments
where we just gather and stare at each other, pondering the mysteries of Eorzea and
admire our glamours. It's as exciting as it sounds!

☼ Eureka and Bozja Adventures: Venture into Eureka & Bozja with us, where we explore
the wilds and get lost in the clouds. We may not know the best way to farm crystals, but
we’ll certainly have fun. Expect chaotic battles & confused tactics!

☼ Helping New Players: We want to help new players get to know the game... if we knew
what we were doing. But don't worry, we'll figure it out together! Our lack of knowledge
makes us approachable and relatable.

What do we offer:
☼ Buffs We Don't Understand, 24/7: Need a buff? We’ve got them running 24/7. Do we
know what they do? Absolutely not. But who cares? It’s the thought that counts!

☼ Free Company Events: From impromptu dance parties to hide-and-seek games that end in
everyone getting lost, our events are as chaotic as they are entertaining. Have an idea for
an event? Fantastic! We usually have no clue what we’re doing next, so your ideas are

☼ Small Bakery in Shirogane: We have a FC bakery in Shirogane that we have absolutely no
idea what to do with. It’s a chaotic mess of half-baked ideas and frosting everywhere. But
hey, we make a mean cupcake... when we don't burn them.

☼ Veteran Players Offering Chaos Support: Our veteran players are here to offer support
to newbies, though we have no idea what we’re doing half the time. Expect chaotic advice
and strategies that may or may not work—but we promise it’ll be fun and entertaining!

☼ Active Discord with Two Communities: We have not one, but two communities we are
trying to build . Do we know how to manage them? Not really. But join us for chaotic
discussions, meme sharing & the occasional attempt at organization.

You should join us!...or don’t, I won’t tell you how to live your life:
☼ We’re all about fun, laughter & memes. If you’re not rolling your eyes and laughing, we’re
not doing our job right. Success is great, but failing hilariously is even better. Join us and
make some of the funniest gaming memories you’ll ever have. Every failure is just a future
funny story.

The Chaotic Carb Community:
☼ Come check out our FC house aka the Carb Cafe ~ The Goblet Ward 15, Plot 6!
☼ We have a discord server setup to stay connected across linkshells and outside of Eorzea.
Come join us and others to hang out and enjoy other games too!!
♥Rue L'ette
♥Bagu Ette
Our Carrd/Discord:

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 6, 15 Ward, The Goblet (Medium)

Estate Profile

Chaotic Cafe


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Rue L'ette Exodus [Primal]

Look, I adore this game, but sometimes it's a chaotic mess and I'm the walking definition of 'well-intentioned chaos'. Looking for a community with the pep of a squadron of excited moogles? That's where I come in! I'm basically a walking emote factory – excited screams, celebratory dances, and plenty of bewildered flailing. I may get lost occasionally (okay, frequently), fall off cliffs with alarming regularity, and try to befriend clearly hostile mobs... but at least I'll look adorable doing it! Prepare for an overabundance of hugs (virtual...usually).



Community Member Bagu Ette Exodus [Primal]

Join us! We're awesome :)


Community Member Rue L'ette Exodus [Primal]

I am biased but yes. ^_^

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Astraea Grimm Exodus [Primal]

Hello, there I'm a new player and your free company caught my interest. I am a casual player and have a crazy schedule between working full time and being a mom. But this seems like the type if FC I would enjoy I'm looking for a helpful and fun guild and from the details it looks like that is what this FC is on a mission to do.


Community Member Bagu Ette Exodus [Primal]

Hello! Sorry I got caught up with a family member being in the hospital :). Tried to look for you online but didn't see you on.
04/21/2024 edit: I sent you a /tell, but didnt want to spam you!
Our discord would be: https://discord.gg/chaotic-carbs

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

(Edited)  -

Community Member Astraea Grimm Exodus [Primal]

Hello thank you for reaching out, Sorry to hear about your family member, I'm sorry I missed your tell I will try and look for you next time I'm online.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Nerva Veleran Exodus [Primal]

Hey, I am a returning player looking for somewhere new to call home. I'm going to be all sorts of rusty though. I have quite a bit of catching up to do since I stopped playing several years ago, but willing to go all in. I am generally on quite often, especially in afternoons or evenings, also have quite a bit of MMO experience, just not so much on FF14. I'm basically going to have to re-learn everything at this point so that's going to be interesting lol.


Community Member Bagu Ette Exodus [Primal]

Hello! I will try to get a hold of you today :) if you have discord: https://discord.gg/chaotic-carbs

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Forgiven Ineptibrew Exodus [Primal]

Join us. There is cookies, coffee, and cake that isn't a lie. I promise!


Community Member Synari Blossomheart Exodus [Primal]

First time using this to look for an FC, I am not looking for anything specific, but just people who want to talk and play the game, so I'd love to join if you'll have me.


Community Member Bagu Ette Exodus [Primal]

Hello! Rue is coming to check to see if you are on :)

If we happen not to catch you: discord.gg/chaotic-carbs

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Synari Blossomheart Exodus [Primal]

I'll be back on tomorrow around the same time I posted and later on, I'll keep an eye out and I'll join the discord as well.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

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