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Free Company

Recruiting The Coffee Bean Members



Active Hours
15:00 24:00
15:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Goblin Mode
#Socially Active
#Treasure Maps
#Player Events
Hello and welcome to the recruitment page for The Coffee Bean <Beans>!

We are a small, but growing, social Free Company, with regular events, weekly games and an active, social Discord!
We accept anyone and everyone looking to chill and relax, with no requirements on playtime, or level of skill. Whether you have been playing for a week or a decade, as long as you are friendly and polite, you will fit in here! We do, however, politely make one request.

Free Company Events!

We do regular events for everyone in our FC to take part in, including mount farms, glamour farms, Treasure Maps (of all levels, so as many people can join in as possible!), and some FC Games for gil/in-game prizes, such as Hide and Seek and What's My Pos (where you must submitted the closest guess for a submitted screenshot's location).

We are also open to suggestions for new events and games too!


We have a variety of players, from those progressing Main Scenario, to high-end enjoyers. We are happy to help out with any dungeons, trials or raids people may need in the course of their adventure, but are not averse to harder content, such as current Extreme/Savage and Ultimates. Or we can just sit back and chill with some fishing. If it exists within Final Fantasy XIV, you'll find someone here that will be happy to join it!

Our Discord!

If you would like to chat to our FC Leaders, feel free to follow the link below for temporary access to our Discord's Rules and Recruitment channel! And just to reassure you, no one in the FC will be able to see you joining. Only our FC Leaders will have access to the Recruitment Channel! :D


Final Note; As we are a social FC that focuses on interaction and events, we ask only that those who wish to join us, do so on their mains, as alt characters tend to be less active or inactive, which rather defeats our purpose.

DAWNTRAIL RELEASE: With the release of the new Dawntrail expansion, we understand some people will be returning to the game and looking for an FC. We are looking for long-term members to join our community. As such, we are only looking for members that plan on sticking around after the new content has been cleared. If you plan on leaving the game again once the new content is cleared, then we are not the FC for you.

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 41, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Medium)

Estate Profile

House of Beans


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Xenon Xyrxys Omega [Chaos]

Hey there! I'm Xenon, the leader of The Coffee Bean! If you are interested in a small, but growing social Free Company to hang out with, chat, joke and chill with, give us a shout! We do all varieties of content, from Dungeons and Raids to Fishing and Gold Saucer. We do regular events, such as Treasure Maps and Mount Farms. We also play some more general games, like Hide and Seek. Or perhaps we'll just space out at the FC House and have a chat for a bit. Whether you are a new player or a veteran, we welcome anyone with a polite, friendly and open-minded personality! Join our Discord, or send a message/application in game if you are interested!!



Community Member Hythlodaeia Xyrxys Omega [Chaos]

Hey hey! Hythly here, fellow co-leader of Beans. Some of the loveliest (and gobliniest, SCREE) people I've met in the game are fellow Beans! If you want an active community or simply people to goof around with, you'd be welcome to join us!


Community Member Arthur Sol Omega [Chaos]

Scree! Resident Serpent of Ronka enjoyer and proud member of Beans.

Lovely people to play with, and very accommodating of sprouts! It's been a wonderful spoiler-free experience and I feel like everyone is just as enthusiastic as I am to discover the story - and always happy to help with the content. There's always something going on, but it's never overwhelming; be it joking around in chat or going on treasure hunts! Genuinely lovely folks.

S C R E E !!


Neris Winter Omega [Chaos]

Hey there, Zia Bel here. The pink Healer Fairy addict of the FC Beans. I am looking forward to meet and help new people who are willing to join and grow as a family together.


Community Member Decompose Ainatar Omega [Chaos]

You've got me on coffee, I'm addicted to it, I'll be a good member(drinker).
Coffee or life !!!


Community Member Bedlam Ashryver Omega [Chaos]

This is a cry for help!
I joined this FC not knowing what the consequences would be.
My body wasn’t made to consume this much coffee, but they won’t let you stop drinking it, 24/7 it never stops!
Not to mention you will be constantly bullied, which they justify by telling you it’s “endearing” and it means they like you. Do not believe their lies!
Finally, the events are all FIXED, it’s a heckin SCAM I tell ya!
If none of that bothers you then please join, love you in advance <3
P.S - not stimky


Community Member Blurneko Fuyoh Omega [Chaos]

Hi, I just came back to FFXIV after a break. Wondering if I could join :)


Community Member Hythlodaeia Xyrxys Omega [Chaos]

Hello Blur! welcome back to the game. We will try to contact you in-game in order to invite you. However, I'd suggest following the Discord link to contact us easier! otherwise, you may visit our FC house and apply through the placard, and we will accept it. ^_^

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Vito Zenyasch Omega [Chaos]

Hello! Name's Vito and I'm the self proclaimed most sane person in this FC!
I didn't have any close acquaintances or friends to play this game with so I went on a quick gamble and joined this FC and realized how open and friendly they are.
I finally get to do things I haven't done before and have a blast doing so.
I urge you to join us, we welcome new and old players with open arms. That and I'd like to make more friends along the way.
Hope to see you there!


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