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Free Company

Recruiting House of Odin Members



Active Hours
16:00 23:00
10:00 23:00
Active Members


Data Center


Home World




#Raid/Static Friendly
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Housing Enthusiasts
#Treasure Maps
Hello and thank you for checking out this entry!

We are a small FC with ~15 active members currently. My friends & I are fortunate to own a large mansion to relax & chill in the great neighborhood of the Lavender Beds (Brynhildr Ward 5, Plot 36). However, it's getting pretty lonely these days & we wish to seek out more like-minded friends with similar playstyles to relax & play with us in this awesome fantasy home world called Eorzea, which has been a part of our sweet memories since 2013.

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, why not trying us out?

1. After an intense gaming session, you love the idea of returning to the lush greenery of Lavender Beds, where the guild house is located, and spend times crafting or interacting with retainers in this serene environment.
2. You'd love to be in a rather quiet FC where friends can feel free, but not obligated, to help each other out, whether with queue time, running old & new contents, doing treasure maps, etc.
3. You prefer knowing a few people well whom you can trust and help, or be helped, with various things in-game, rather than being in a large & diluted FC
4. You don't mind about FC ranking & irregular FC actions/buffs
5. You don't mind having restricted FC chest access as a new member
6. You don't mind having restricted FC gardening & furnishing privilege as a new member
7. You agree that miqo'te = master race (just kidding)

If you decide to join us, let me, Rem Tsukimiya, be the first to welcome you to our little [House of Odin] guild! :)

**Notes for CRAFTERS & GATHERERS interested in FC Workshop contents**
You are free to request any workshop project to be commenced. We have obtained schematic for ALL of the housing walls released so far. Currently we deploy airships & submersibles everyday for exploration & loots. They're all at max level can can bring back anything, theoretically.

**Notes for BEGINNERS**
To find our mansion and apply you must first complete the side quest Where the Heart is (The Lavender Beds) issued by the NPC named Emblyn in Central Shroud once you reach lv10. Once the quest is completed, just interact with the main aetheryte in New Gridania and choose "Residential District Aethernet", then choose Ward 5, once there, interact with the Aethernet Shard near the port and choose destination "Lavender South Subdivision". You'll then find the mansion down the hill, or look on the map for Plot 36, then interact with the front placard and "Apply", then wait ~12 - 24 h. Once you become an FC member, you can quickly teleport here to our guild house anytime via your teleport menu. To connect & chat with us just change the chat box's mode from "Say" to "Free Company".

-About our FC's mansion--
I hope you enjoy our FC mansion's decoration, it was designed in such a way that every aspect of different Eorzean cultures are taken into consideration. Plenty of amenities abound. Why not stopping here from time to time to unwind and relax? (If you're new to the game, the controller button to sit down is R3, or "/sit" when you're next to a chair, and the button to lie down on the bed is the emote "/doze" when you're next to the bed).

**FC Rank System**
Promotion to higher FC rank will occur after you've been in the FC for a while. Higher FC rank will allow you to use FC credit to buy specific items, or activate daily FC action of your choice to gain EXP/food duration/stat buffs, or have access to FC's Workshop projects. From lowest to highest, the ranks are:
Rank 1: Stasis = inactive > 1 year
Rank 2: L'Cie = new recruit
Rank 3: Nimbus = at least 1 lv90 jobs
Rank 4: Celestia = at least 1 battle job lv90 + 1 crafter/gatherer job lv90
Rank 5: Agito = at least 13 different lv90 jobs
Rank 6: Adjudicator = reserved for founding members
Rank 7: Order Leader = current FC leader (me)

*Last Words*
These days we have a full party "weekly treasure map group") that runs 1-2 hours every Saturday or Sunday night around 9:30 pm EST. Even if you're still on the fence whether to join the FC or not, feel free to join us & make some sweet gil! (add Kaural Garalhal to your friend list & ask to get invited around this time.

Also, by luck, I won a lottery for an Ishgard mansion (Empyreum Ward 22, Plot 12) so feel free to add me to your friend list & teleport to my place anytime and enjoy the Empyreum neighborhood)

Current RAID STATIC situation: Although we don't have a hardcore raid static right now (yet), if you or a group of friends love hardcore raiding and would like to call this FC home and use action buffs to benefit your raid, you're welcome to join our FC.

Any further question? Join Our FC Discord: https://discord.gg/nStweRwh8Y

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 36, 5 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

Estate Profile

Hall of Odin


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Rem TsukimiyaBrynhildr [Crystal]

Nice to meet you! I first joined the game way back in 2013 at patch 2.3. Fascinated with full-party contents where 8 people work together to defeat challenging bosses, & amazed by the captivating story of Bahamut coils, I raided a lot back then. I really miss that raid period before Heavensward where everyone didn't know what they were doing but were nice to each other and actively joining duty finder to attempt turn 9 & turn 13 clear, there was no static drama, no fflog prejudice or dps parser in those days, just pure fun, a truly golden age of FF14 raiding, I miss my friends back then so much!! some of them have gone forever...These days, I'm just a casual player who really enjoy in-game housing aesthetics and occasionally doing treasure maps & crafting for extra Gils ^__^ . FYI, I'm a millennial gamer who grew up spending hundreds of hours with ff8/9/10/12/13, my first teenage crush was Rinoa Heartilly & Garnet Til Alexandros <3 Nice to meet you all! My Discord handle: NaoB#9905



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