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FC "The Tea House" <Tea> got stolen.

### If there are typos or grammar errors I don't give two shit! whats important is the message not how its written. ###

Technically, apparently me and my friend were not on for 35 days, but I was sure I was away for less than 30 days and don't remember if at the time me or my friend had ownership of the FC but a member apparently got ownership and refuses to give it back and blisted my friend.

He would probably blist me as well if we were online at the same time.

He kicked everyone out invited other people I don't know and renamed FC "Final Fromage" >_<

I know its my FC that I created cuz it has the same creation date which is 16th october 2014, its exactly where my FC was Jenova, mist district ward 13 plot 27. AND he admitted as much anyway.

With friends like that ( CUZ yes he is in my friend list ) you don't need enemies.

His name is Vassi Ambrose on Jenova server.
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