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Day 11 - Fishing,Fishing & more fishing~

So it's been awhile since I blogged about my adventure, I was feeling lazy and all. But I also didn't wanna quit blogging especially after I've already done so much. :)

So I decided to start blogging again before all my adventures starts to pile up . :P

Anyway not much has happened on my main story. Just a few days ago I was invited to join the grand companies and ended up joining the Immortal Flames. I joined it for Lady Nanamo's sake as I didn't like Raubahn very much.

I've also been fishing way too much.

Maybe I've been feeding Pipin too much fish. She always gets excited when I fish at Costa del sol. Costa del sol has become one of my only fishing locations recently.

The last screenshot was taken around the time I left my Free Company. Momo Michi who was also in the Free Company, was always there for me while I was still starting out. All the best to you Momo! :D
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Great pictures! I keep seeing so many great photos and blogs about Costa del Sol. I can't wait to get there. It was one of my favourite locations in FF7 :)



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Costa de Sol is a really nice place. Cool pics.
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