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E5s Community Learning Party

This Sunday night at 8pm Central time me through our FC will be hosting a Aether community learning party. The idea is to learn E5s in a fun enviorment. This will be a low pressure event. Even if your not up to savage level par on your job that doesn't matter. This is your chance to join in and get to see some of the savage fight and do some early prog in the fight.

If you have been nervous or hestitate about raiding I recommend you please join this group. Ethereal would love the chance to show you the fight and show you raiding is not as bad as it seems.

There is only a handful of requirements in order to do this.

1. Discord is a must. You do not have to talk, but will need to listen. Here is a link to my FC discord. Accept the invite and sign up for the group under FC events.

2. Need to be min ilvl and at least understand basic mechanics of your job. Such as tank swapping etc and basic healing. I'm not expecting people to pump out massive dps but compentant in their class enough that we can function as a party.

3. A good attitude, leave the flustration at the door. This is a place to grow, learn and have some fun. If someone is repeatedly making mistakes. It's ok... this group is first step in the door. Don't expect clears.

4. Must have Eden 5-8 cleared so you can do the savage unlock quest. Sadly due to limited time we will not be able to clear people prior to the event.

5. On the off chance we actually are able to clear, do understand this will most likely be a 0-1 chest.

Ethereal and myself look forward to meeting members of the Aether community. Please if you can join us.

Also for all those interested in a raiding and learning FC. We would love to talk about you joining.

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I would like to do this but 9 pm might be too late for me with me having to work at 10 pm. Then again, I 'work' at 10 so can probably play since I HIGHLY doubt I will be busy it being Sunday night, which is usually VERY dead. We will see.

Crap, I need a way to get to ilevel 470 too, I am only 460. Aria, make me CRAP!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

And I am 470 now! I will see if I can make it Sunday.
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