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Tales of Twilight - A Realm Reborn: Chapter 4-1

Before I began, the owner had me make sure I changed my equipment to something sturdier. I admit, my current garb had let me survive thus far, however it was only a matter of time before I would encounter a beast that could rip through it with no resistance. The gear that the farm provided were not eye-catching, but they WERE practical.

I even had to get my axe replaces for something stronger. I was not partial with it since it was a worn-down relic from Mor Dhona. Sturdy as it is, it was cheaper to get a better one than it was to get it re-sharpened and reinforced. My old axe can be useful as materials or resold to a woodcutter or new adventurer. Newly equipped, I was ready to go!

Working a farm was always known to be hard labor, but how hard is not known. It's not like there's always crops available to maintain and animals to care for readily available. I had to start by expanding the frontier by removing debris and obstacles, such as rocks, so that the farm can grow. And when I say "rocks" I mean boulders half my size. A single man can handle it, but only just barely.

It wasn't all bad, though. I was also able to harvest the famous La Noscean oranges that grow here. The tangy sweet smell that wafts among the trees as the soft winds blow was enough to both energize and calm you. Of course, because of the sweetness, I had to be wary of the occasional wespe, but that's normal. Who could possibly resist such a delicious fruit?

Puk hatchling sure can't. They themselves mean no harm, but they needed to be deterred from the farm to keep from stealing the oranges. I didn't take pleasure in it, but I understood the damage wild monsters can do if left unchecked. But since the pirates have decided to not bother with them, it fell to me to slay these poor creatures. It didn't take much to scare them away but I hope a safer deterrent will be found in the future.

When I returned to report my progress to Staelwryn, he had something in mind he felt I was ready to take on. It was no secret that there have been mysterious abductions throughout Limsa Lomina with no trace as to who did it or where they were taken; as if they had vanished on the spot. The owner wasn't certain it had anything to do with Summerford, but noticed there were suspicious people with azure-tattoos on their faces spying on the pirates at the edges of the farm. Seems the farmers think they are the mysterious kidnappers, but he didn't want to jump to conclusions and wanted me to investigate them. Their last known location was at Seasong Grotto and he warned me to be careful all the same if it turns out they ARE the abductors.

The grotto he mentioned could be seen from the farm's peak. It was alongside the river and there was a path that led underneath it nearby. Inside the grotto was a strange monument. As I started to read it, I then heard a woman's voice:

"I am the winds that bear. I am the waves that guide."

I turned around.

"I am the evening stars. I am the morning sky. I am born of the sea. And there I shall die."

I saw before me a green-eyed Miqote woman in white garb smiling back at me. On her neck sported two odd purple tattoos and a strange device around her neck. "Such words well describe the manner in which the citizens of Limsa Lominsa live their lives." She mused.

"Thus reads the Sailors' Requiem carved into yonder stone." She said to me, motioning to the monument behind me. She then walked up to me and I could see her in a better light. On her hip wore a wand made of wood. Ah, she was a Conjurer; a healer in tune with the elements of the planet. And judging from her speech, she was quite scholarly.

I asked if she could elaborate what she meant.

"It is both a litany against misfortune for those out on the waves," the cultured conjurer said, not breaking her gaze from the monument, "and a prayer that the souls of those who perish on land might find their way back to sea."

She finally looked my way and her ears twitched as if she recognized me. I introduced myself to her. "Ah, you are the adventurer I've seen around Summerford Farms." The conjurer said in realization. "I thought myself on the trail of the kidnappers, but it seems I have missed my mark."

I shouldn't have been surprised. As I said, the abductions were a poor secret as any, so it was only natural there would those investigating not affiliated with the Yellowjackets. Before I had a chance to consider this further, there was a loud sound outside the grotto.

"...or perhaps not." The cultured conjurer said coyly.

We both looked and saw a crazed goobbue running towards us.

"As I suspected," she said in a calm and conclusive manner, "the aetheric disturbance here is no natural occurrence. Nor is it a coincidence the three of us should come here in search of those responsible for the disappearances to be attacked."

The three of us? I looked around and saw the adventurer from before next to me also in shock at the attacking goobbue. Had they been there the whole time and I had not noticed? Oh, of course they had. I was so focused on the farm work, they must have arrived at some time and agreed to aid Staelwryn as well. This was no good. I need to pay attention to my surroundings better!

The goobbue reached us and roared at us.

"But who stands to benefit from keeping this secret, I wonder?" The conjurer wondered to us. It's amazing how she could be so calm in the face of such danger. goobbues are normally docile, but they are deadly and highly aggressive when angered. And this one was QUITE angered! "Such thoughts must wait. Let us attend to the task at hand, unpleasant though it may be." She said, slightly annoyed.

As we fought back, the cultured conjurer said, "I sense something awry with this creature. Be on your guard." She was right! As we fought the goobbue, more creatures, blobby and ghost-like, started to join us!

"Ware!" She alerted us. "The disruption of aether draws others to the fray!" As she spoke, even more goobbues were running up to us. "More unwelcome visitors? Slay them quickly lest we become overwhelmed."

The adventurer and I agreed to draw their attentions away from the conjurer and split their fighting force. The first goobbue was bigger and had thicker skin, but as we felled the other monsters, it was clear it was starting to weaken and attacked less. "The creature falters." The conjurer noticed. "Press the attack and the battle will soon be won."

The goobbue finally fell defeated. The conjurer sheathed her wand with a sigh of relief and approached it to inspect it further. To the corner of my eye, I noticed a blue crystal not far from the corpse. The adventurer noticed it too. We both approached it with curiosity and it slowly floated in front of us.
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