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Chronicles of a Feline Bork, Chapter 1

"People often say that magic is destructive, that it has only brought calamities and despair. Others say that the restoration it provides comes at a great cost to nature and the balance of our world.
I've studied different types of magic, but what I saw today has left me speechless.

She claimed to be a witch, which I found funny, so I just nodded and gave her a thumbs up. After I politely listened to her ramblings about strange medicines that, weirdly enough, resembled materia, I proceeded to say goodbye.
What I wasn't expecting was the faint smile vanishing from her face, a sight that made me realize I had a new goal: make that smile come back by any means.

I beckoned to her and started running towards the tower that many people mention in passing, claiming it to be a daunting challenge. Making it to the top? A beast that few have tamed, but today, we were gonna go hunting, and were gonna prevail... that was my new mission.

Jump after jump, failure after failure, we managed to reach a nice little balcony. So close, yet so far from our goal, she started to weep and said that she was afraid of falling down after making it so far. This is when the story takes a weird turn.

Suddenly, everything started to be filled with an ominous fog. In my mind, I was saying 'wow, this witch sure has a magical fart', but that thought quickly poofed when the tower started to rumble and crack. I was scared for my life, so I just did the first thing that came to mind: I hugged her and told her that the last jumps were child's play and that we'd make it easily.

For some reason, this calmed her down and the blue fog turned into a pink mist that slowly started to morph into one big sphere. I was afraid for my life once again, but this thing just started spinning until it exploded into a rain of stars and confetti, and the remaining mist just flew into the distance. Yeah, I know, I couldn't even understand what was going on at this point, so I just tried to ignore the amount of madness that was going on and kept climbing. The witch followed and we reached the top!

What I failed to notice during the last bit of ascent was that the mist had started to cover the entire sky and everything was darkening. No, it wasn't the usual passing of time leading to nighttime. This was something far different and you had to be there to truly understand how creepy it looked.
Anyways, we sat at the top and enjoyed the view for the few moments it was available to us until everything started to go black.
Darker, foggier, weirder... I was just thinking that a new calamity had been started thanks to my weird shenanigans, but then I saw a bright spark falling right in front of me.

And then another one. And one more.

And then the whole sky was filled with these little sparkly thingies. The dark clouds were turning into a hail of light, falling on Kugane and giving it a unique glow that I had never seen anywhere before. In the blink of an eye, all of the lights disappeared, but the glow remained. I looked up, and I finally noticed why it was all still as shiny as before: the most beautiful sky had been hiding beneath the clouds. A congregation of stars was filling the whole city with this amazing feeling of bliss unlike anything I'd seen before. I noticed people coming out of their houses just to stare. I saw merchants and customers stop their transactions just to comment on this event. I saw the sekiseigumi discreetly enjoy the show as they still stood watch over the streets... but what I saw afterwards was the one thing that made it all pale in comparison. The witch had the biggest smile on her face as she saw what her spell had created.

People often say a lot of things about magic, but if they had been there to witness this incredible moment, they'd know that it can be one of the most compelling forces to make dreams a reality and to make the impossible become tangible.

This was the first story I posted on IG. I recently deleted it, but I figured I could post the stories I wrote here just in case any of the people in them wish to read them again. Also, so the Lodestoners don't think I'm dead or anything xD
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Ashram Narse

Mateus (Crystal)

Magic is destructive. I tried to light my cigarette, to look cool with, by using flare and I burned down a tool shed. If that NPC could speak, I bet they would have been pissed!

Hound Redintegratus

Excalibur (Primal)

Someone said they were hot from the weather. I tried to help, but I ended up dropping a big block of ice on their head...
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