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My temporary diary

Lady Yuuna no longer accessible for me to access. However it seems that the blog has yet not disappeared (lol). My blog quickly become top ranking hahaha.

This will be my temporary diary with my alt account that I never really use.

I still have few weeks left to have access to lodestone blog and also final fantasy.

I probably going to keep writing diaries here until the sub running out.

And then who knows?
Redoing 10 years content won’t be easy but I probably won’t max every classes and every jobs like before.

I will see how far I can play FF14. Although this is not my first time wanting to delete my character. 4 years ago I wanted to delete my character but someone stopped me (lol).

Well it looks like I finally did it.

Maybe I might wait until dawntrail enjoying replaying my character with new graphic. Except I finally can enjoy FF14 with maximum graphic power instead of using old wreck computer.

I guess redoing my character with new graphic update seems not a bad idea.

I probably going to be just your ordinary joe player with no crown 👑 beside my name like I used to.

Not that I actually ever act like a mentor anyway.

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