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Hyperion [Primal]

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Not a buzzerbee!

T'day I was so sleepy after lunch that I couldn't barely stand it. I was s'posed to see Minfilia but I was walkin' through th' grasses 'n it seemed so cozy so I just laid down. I strrretched 'n then my hand hit somethin' fuzzy 'n I was scared it was another one of 'em buzzerbees that bit me back in th' Shroud.

But it wasn't a buzzerbee! It was a hat, 'n it was so prrrretty that I had t'put it on 'n then I was so excited I couldn't sleep so I ran all th' way back to Vesper. There's not enough room fer my ears so it hurts a bit but right away when someone saw me they said it was th' best hat and now I'ma flippin' belle-o-the-ball!!

I'll wear it all th' time now, and if someone comes lookin' fer it I'll hide it 'hind my back. (I tried hidin' it under my pillow but it got squirshed a little bit).

If ya can't keep it on yer head then it's not yers anymore!
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