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The Darkest Shadow

Unicorn (Elemental)

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Lose control to think

Lose control to think to
That was not to two win to lose o' one?
That was false

Truth are do the best but not give up
Lose to the way to win the
That was to take to lose control
If the army set on the hyte retrun to set on the trap

But, real set on the?

This is the mean the think o' think

correct and connect on

The attack to the clear to be
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Jarkest Weehfeel

Unicorn (Elemental)

The do the best !

Jarkest Weehfeel

Unicorn (Elemental)

Easy think
The select the Point of middle the World!

Bart the top to the correct on the mid point!

After to good think and so so much more
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