Alexandra Bleckson

The Emblazoned

Ragnarok [Chaos]

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Head (A Knight for Helms): Titanium Helm of Fending, Divine Helm of War, Doman Steel Armet of Maiming

Speculative: Replica Allagan Helm, Helm of the Falling/Rising Dragon, Augmented / Deepshadow Helm of Fending/Maiming, Augmented / Ironworks Helm of Fending, Augmented / Lost Allagan Helm of Fending, Void Ark Helm of Fending/Maiming, Augmented / Nightsteel Helm of Fending/Maiming, Augmented / Scaeven Helm of Fending/Maiming, Augmented / Slipstream Helm of Maiming, High Mythrite Helm of Fending, Diamond/Carborundum Helm of Maiming/Aiming, Darklight/Heavy Wolfram Helm, Direwolf Helm of Fending, Halonic Inquisitor's/Ostiary's Helm, Diabolic Helm of Fending, Filibuster's Helm of Fending, Filibuster's Helm of Maiming, Flame Elite's Helm, Flame Lieutenant's Helm, Replica / Sky Pirate's Helm of Fending/Maiming, Ghost Barque Helm of Aiming, Halone's Helm of Fending/Maiming, Replica / Heavy Behemoth Helm, Oschon's Helm of Aiming, Peregrine/Onion/Red Onion Helm, Cobalt/Wolf/Reinforced Mythril/Altered Mythril/Altered Cobalt Elmo, Mythril/Aurum/Lord's Celata, Militia Armet, Adamantite Barbut of Fending/Maiming, Steel/Mythril Barbut, High Steel Barbut of Fending, Valerian Terror Knight's Barbut, High Steel Barbut of Maiming, Valerian Dragoon's Barbut, Doman Steel Armet of Fending, Prototype / Gordian Armet of Fending, Hawking/Hawkliege Armet, Lionsmane/Lionliege Armet, Lynxfang/Lynxliege Armet, Bearsmaw/Bearliege Armet, Antiquated / Trueblood Armet, Flame Elite's Armet
Body (In Sheep's Clothing): Werewolf Body, Moogle Body, Oyoroi of the Blue, Vanu Vanu/Zundu Body, Vath/Gnath Thorax

Speculative: Toad Suit, Snowman Suit, Reindeer Suit, Dapper / Rabbit Suit, Gaja Suit, Emerald/Topaz/Ruby Carbuncle Jacket, Demonic/Angelic Wings, Chicken Suit, Chocobo Suit, Clown's Top
Hands (Pirates in the Sky): Tantalus Cuffs, Replica / Sky Pirate's Gauntlets of Fending/Maiming, Ghost Barque Gauntlets of Aiming, Replica / Sky Pirate's Gloves of Striking/Scouting, Replica / Sky Pirate's Gloves of Aiming, Replica / Sky Pirate's Gloves of Casting/Healing

Speculative: Kumbhiraskin Gloves of Gathering, Nabaath Gauntlets of Fending/Maiming
Feet (Short Boots ): Scion Adventurer's Boots, High House/Archaeoskin Halfboots, Augmented / Shire Pankratiast's Boots
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