Guardian Angel

Alexandra Bleckson

Ragnarok (Chaos)

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Body (Bloodsands): Coliseum/Taffeta Shawl, Coliseum/Light Steel Galerus

Hands (Vagabond):

Speculative: Dhalmelskin Armguards of Striking/Scouting/Aiming, Picaroon's Armguards of Maiming/Striking/Scouting

Legs (Toward the Heavens): Antiquated / Creed Cuisses, Antiquated / Ravager's Breeches, Antiquated / Chaos Flanchard, Antiquated / Dragonlancer's Cuissots, Antiquated / Tantra Galligaskins, Antiquated / Iga Hakama, Antiquated / Aoidos' Tights, Antiquated / Machinist's Brais, Antiquated / Goetia Chausses, Antiquated / Caller's Loincloth, Antiquated / Orison Skirt, Antiquated / Savant's Culottes, Antiquated / Welkin Breeches

Feet (Moccasin City): Expeditioner's/Dhalmelskin Moccasins, Boarskin Moccasins, Hunting Moccasins, Wolf Moccasins, Serpent Private's/Sergeant's Moccasins, New World Moccasins, Plundered Moccasins, Toxotes Moccasins, Gryphonskin Moccasins, Explorer's Moccasins, Divining Moccasins
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