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Facing a challenge in The House that Death built.

Some time has passed since I last talked about my venture into PoTD with my group from the previous entry. Some members have taken time away to seek other opportunities outside Eorzea while others have gone to relax before our big adventure to Tural. I however kept feeling the call of PoTD reaching out to me and decided to venture deeper into the crypt once sealed.

For this delve I desired to reach the depths and claim a title very few adventures have been able to obtain. The Necromancer is a title that only 0.9% of recorded adventures have been able to achieve and is one that I have long desired to gain myself. Gaining experience and wisdom from those who have been able to reach the depths, I prepared myself for the journey ahead filled with determination and unease as one fatal step is all it would take to send me back to the beginning. This delve I would go as my main class Reaper primarily due to knowing the rotation and skill layout as second nature and having a comfortable feel for the class. This however did pose the first challenge to myself as I would be a glass cannon focusing on single target elimination of enemies to reach the next floor. Having the swiftness to dispatch enemies quickly would be a boon, but the lack of mobility that more ranged jobs provide would mean the likely hood of getting pinched in corridors could be possible. With all the knowledge and a game plan I set out to begin my first solo delve into the house that death built.

The first 50 floors while time consuming were fairly easy. Focusing on eliminating as many monsters as possible to gain experience and prepare myself for the ending boss rooms was vital to ensuring my delve didn't end prematurely. Alongside taking out every monster I set my eyes on, gathering pom relics was also a vital goal. Hearing the retell of other adventures stories of using them to greatly assist in taking down bosses, to assisting in taking down unruly mobs I chose to take time during the first 50 floors to gather as many as I could. During floor 30s boss fight I followed the advice giving from a veteran adventurer and used a lust pom to transform. The transformation gave me powers to leave lasting wounds on the boss that made my subsequent attacks after deal more damage due to the creatures weekend state. Following the first 50 floors the second 49 floors felt just as easy if not easier. Without the hassle of killing every creature on the floor I had enough experience to eliminate just enough to push onto the next floor leaving me enough time to collect pom artifacts to assist me. After a long and arduous delve I finally reached the floor 100 boss. After the previous 99 floors and the knowledge of what I was going to face I felt confident in my abilities.

I made a fool of myself

I started off the challenge just as I was instructed to. Popped strength followed my steel to strengthen my combat and defense skills and a lust to deal with making the boss and his minions vulnerable to my attacks. It was during this time my hubris got to me and the minions quickly showed me who I was dealing with. I fell into desperation as attack after attack hit me dealing me the fatal blow. My fear of the possibility of dying and ending the run was too great that I had popped a resurrection pom prior to the fight, a decision that saved me as a result of the first encounter. After stepping back and evaluating my situation I made my first grim realization, I had no more strength or steel poms and I was down to my last lust and resurrection pom. I went over what I was told and steeled myself for a second run with this curator of death. I followed the strategy a second time assuming I missed the timing of transition between the lust pom and clearing of the minions. Again I fell to the minions ravenous assault and was saved by my preparations of popping my last resurrection pom as a precautionary. My confidence I once had was all but gone. Thinking of everything that was told to me I didn't know where I went wrong in my execution of attack patterns and movements from the boss and his minions. No lust, strength, steel or resurrection poms remained my fate felt all but certain. All I had left were the remaining 3 poms that glowed with an angelic light I was told to use at a critical juncture in the fight. Desperate to see this through to the end I decided to gamble everything on an impromptu plan I thought of on the spot. I started the fight as normal chipping away at the health of this undead abomination that stood in my path. Shortly after whittling away at his undead corpse he summoned his minions itching to finish the job once and for all and be rid of my presence. I grabbed hold of one of the angelic glowing poms and transformed. Attacking the minions and boss with angelic holy light I quickly slew the minions and watched as their physical body's turned into aetheric light and vanished. Feeling proud to have gotten past this point almost overwhelmed me with joy at the achievement, but the fight wasn't over. I transitioned off the transformation and popped a potion to rejuvenate the wounds I had suffered while continuing my onslaught. After a while the boss summoned more minions to combat me. I again popped an angelic pom and quickly disposed of them as I had done the former and disengaged the transformation after to continue pressing the attack. The final minions fell much the same as the first, leaving me the final moments to end this arduous fight that felt like it had been going on forever. The final rush of attacks pushed the boss over his limit as he fell to the floor defeated. Shaking from the overwhelming challenge I had just faced I quickly rose back to the surface and laid down, exhausted from the near possibility of seeing my delve ended at the critical juncture. While I still have a long way to go before seeing what lies at the end of this crypt I was granted the title Lonely Adventurer as a reward for the achievement of making it halfway through the dreaded halls of Potd. A fitting tittle and a statement of what I would be facing as I continue to delve further, but for now a rest is necessary. The previous fight showed me that the creatures that await further in the depths would be nothing like what I have face thus far and preparation will be necessary to ensure what I experienced at the beginning of my boss fight doesn't happen to me as I step foot into floor 101.

To be continued...

Hello, I wanted to thank everyone who took time to read this entry. When I wrote the first blog entry I wanted it to be a retelling of my experience through my characters point of view. I felt this gave more of a story telling experience rather then me just expressing what I myself (the player) went through. I plan on doing some more of these mostly with potd, but other content in the game as well to broadening my story telling. I hope you enjoyed these stories so far and look forward to writing more. ;)
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