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When I first started playing this game back in 2016, people was so uptight about how they feel the game should be played.(I left 7 years and came back in 2022) I played on Primal/Famfrit back then and couldn't count the number of times players would argue about playing issues with each other. The rest of us watching them go back in forth, like we just wanna play the game!?! I saw players kicked for good reason and others, not for good reason, including myself. The play style is pretty lax now and I'll liking it.

I remember when had a dps in our party that was obviously a troll, but the tank wasn't very happy with him. The troll was doing his part, but egging on the tank, who didn't have a sense of humor. The first time the tank tried to kick the guy, everyone didn't agree, so the troll stayed in the party. The second time the tank tried to kick the guy, he was successful, the troll was kicked.

But guess who joined to take his place....

The Troll!!! Lol

So we kicked him the third time and someone else took his spot and we finally finish the trial.

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