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HUD 3.0


To mimic Windows' conventions, I've added "Maximise", "Minimise" and "Exit Game" buttons to the top right corner of the screen. My primary hotbars, targets, status, mini-map, and party are positioned at the bottom of the screen. During raids, I minimise my HUD and turn effects off.


/hud Gil on
/hotbar display 10 on
/hotbar display 9 on
/hotbar display 8 on
/hotbar display 7 on
/hotbar display 6 on
/hotbar display 5 on
/hud "Duty List" on
/hud "Scenario Guide" on


/hud "Scenario Guide" off
/hud "Duty List" off
/hotbar display 5 off
/hotbar display 6 off
/hotbar display 7 off
/hotbar display 8 off
/hotbar display 9 off
/hotbar display 10 off
/hud Gil off

Exit Game

Comments (2)

Furiri Furi

Goblin [Crystal]

That's super cool, I'd never have thought of macros to modify hud elements on the fly, and emulating the windows min/max functions is super charming.

Teetee Onekay

Alpha [Light]

Thanks! I hope the macros are useful. I also experimented with a Windows "Start Menu" layout for my secondary hotbars.
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