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I love my Free Company :) come and join the 4toC

We are on Primal - Ultros

Edit note:
Its been a couple of days since I did this post and surprisingly for me it got a few views so I wanted to share more pictures with everyone!

Pictures taken by Lyrika Cael @Ultros (He is our guild master)

"So this was just the first part of the adventure, a moments before this picture we went to the beach!"

Editors note: Next photos were taken by me no mods or anything.

"At this point we didn't have an FC house (prepare for the next post ;) ) So we just "visited" this house near the beach so thank you so much to the owner. It was getting cold so we wanted a place with fire"

Pictures taken by Nevy Matsubara@Ulltros
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Wyl'd Spark

Ultros (Primal)

You guys seem to be having a great time! Did you take the pic, it's an amazing shot!

Teety Woo

Ultros (Primal)

Hey Wyl'd ;) all the credits bellow the photos.
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