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2022 FFXIV Challenge - Prompt 24: Vicissitudes

Dear Journal,

So you know I've my wee garden in Goblet, often I forget to water it but Badge always tends to do it when I don't. Anyroad, I'm mostly good for growin' popotoes - well, they tend to grow themselves - but one day I was out exploring the trails northwest o' Costa del Sol and found a bramble of leaves and ramhorn zucchini near a bridge.

I - I didn't know that stuff still grew out in the wild. And by the gods did it grow!

There was this one that lived up to it's name. Rather than one mighty vegetable, it was as if a twin had been born yet unseparated at the vine. A set o' ramhorns; literally. Two zucchini - for the price o'one. Such an odd mutated state - although I knew Badge would be able to turn it into some mighty meal I chose to leave it there, tucked back amongst the leaves and hidden from view. Our little secret.

May the godly beast of a thing be revered for the season by those lesser zucchini that grew around it. And pray, may it remain unplucked and uneaten. Allowed to grow to its full potential - well - their full potential: being two of 'em attached at the hilt.

If I had any ability to draw a half-decent sketch, I'd draw it for ya right now. But it's look naught like the twins I beheld...


#FFxivWrite2022, #FFxivWrite
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